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Goodbye :'(

I don’t know, how to say this, but…

I’m not longer interested blogging about fantage or even playing the game. I’ve been delaying this post since months, if  I should or should not quit. I’ve put in a lot of effort along with some amazing friends to get this blog to where it is today. I had fun meeting up with people, hosting contests, hunts, and blogging about the events on fantage. I made many new friends, Luna, barbie, Snow_white, funny4049 & all my followers. (Sorry, If forgot anyone)

I’ve changed a lot: grown up, with different hobbies ‘n’ preferences, that I don’t get time to concentrate here. I hardly log in once or twice a month to approve the comments. Studies have become really difficult, and we have so many assignments & notes pending, that need to be done. :/

If you want to contact me, you can email me at

I started this blog on 8th June 2012, more than 2 & half years ago. I had an amazing time with you all,

Love ya ppl,

aprsept  Afra :’)

p.s- I’m not deleting the blog, just quitting it. You can still read through the pages, but most of them are probably outdated.


Happy Valentines Day! <3

Happy New Year 2015

Logged in to wish you a very Happy New Year 2015 :)

Hope 2014 was a memorable one. Leave your resolutions in the comments below. Would love to read ‘n’ reply.


Level Title Plates


Idk…when this update was released. :o


You get it in 3 types. More are coming soon.

I’ve seen some fantagians putting it on, and it really makes them stand out among the others.

For 7 days: 700 Gold

For Permanent use: 2000 Gold


Hello there :)

Psst, thanks Aprsept for inviting me. I only checked my email just a little while ago, so I only saw it just then.

My name is Karley and I will be helping Aprsept out with posting event info.

I might procrastinate a little, sorry.

I’ll try to get most of the events posted or at least several.

Well that’s all I have right now to share, so adios beautiful people!


Working on a New page!

So I’m working on a new page called ‘Interviews with fantagians/viewers’. It will be a subpage for the (parent) page ‘Interviews’.

As the subpage currently is only for bloggers to be interviewed, I’ll be adding this new page so that our viewers can also be featured in there.

This is page will be published in the mid of this month. Viewers who would like to me featured/interviewed on that page can answer these questions. Comment below

Q1) How did you discover fantage?

Q2) Do you like the new fantage or the vintage times?

Q3) How old are you?

Q4) How did you discover our blog?

Q5) Commets (about fantage)

Q6) Comments (about our blog)

(p.s- I would prefer if you copied all the questions in the comments and give the answers below each, it will make my work easier)

(p.s 2 :P- I’m going to update ‘Interviews with bloggers’ soon. Sorry for the delay. I’m working on updating this blog. Thanks for your patience)

-aprsept :)

How did you find my blog?

Please comment below and tell me “How did you find my blog”?

Through a friend or through a search engine.

There are at least 5 things (activities) going on fantage at the same time. I logged on fantage after a long time and in every area there’s something going on. And everything is so confusing, I don’t know what to post about.

I really need to keep this blog active, because we have worked really hard on all the pages and posts. The viewers are dropping everyday. I don’t blame anyone for this, because if the blog is inactive definitely it will effect the views.

I need bloggers to help me run this blog. I need people who can ACTUALLY post at least once a week during events.



(p.s- Ignore the grammar cause I had to make this quick :P)


I’m really sorry. I’ve been inactive like for 2 months. I know its really annoying that I don’t post for a long time, then come back saying I’m sorry. But I really am. I can’t focus on blogging as my exams are gonna start on 18th. Then I have tests…and in short ill be free during Christmas. The blog is not updated and we skipped 2 events too. I’m glad that we still get viewers. I’m going to hire any authors cause when I do they hardly post for a month than quit. I really can’t blame them because they have their own blogs to take care of and are also busy. If you all want to suggest a solution for this please comment and inform me. I might delete this blog, or think of something else. I have’nt checked my mails yet so if you have mailed me, i’m really sorry for keeping you waiting. 



Hey guys! So, there is a new Fashion Show update, and it seems pretty cool! Here’s all the info you need to know.

It’s pretty much a fashion show battle with another person. I think it’s just for 2 players.

Everyday you log in, (you must log in), you will get THREE TOKENS. You need these tokens to participate in the battle.


You can also buy tokens using gold. I suggest not buying any tokens until you really need it, cuz I mean, it’s just a waste of your gold O_O

fashion battle

You need to click that button on the right side of your page to get your three tokens after you have logged in. When you click that, this should pop up.


Then this. I blurred out the names btw.


This is the info on how to play.

info 2

To make things easier, this is what happens.

To start your own game, click the BATTLE button. To join another player’s game, just click on their name.

Now, if you make your own battle, you do not choose the theme yourself. Fantage does it for you. (which I think is pretty fair). Let’s say the theme was purple.


Fantage will give you an item that is matching the theme, and you have the choice to buy it or not. If you don’t want to buy it, you can click NOT NOW and go to your inventory to change into the theme. Now remember, if you started your own game, after you have finished changing, you will have to wait until another player wants to challenge you.


Btw, you also get a new medal :D


ANYWAYS, if you decide to join a game, same rules apply. A person will already be waiting for you with a theme. You just have to change into the theme as well. Then, after you have both changed, it will give you each your scores, and announce the winners.

That’s pretty much it! Feel free to leave any comments down below if you are confused or something :)



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