The best fantage cheats 2015

GoodBye Forever :'(

Hello Everyone 😥

If you all remember, In January.. but to be more precise on 21st Jan 2015, I published a post, where I mentioned that I will quit this blog forever.

But, I’ve been back a lot in these months, updating and posting..

No, this isn’t a blog post about me returning to fantage blogging.

This has been such an important part of my life, but even though I have work to do, I still can’t go without checking the blog. The last post was about me permanently leaving the blog, but I couldn’t leave it here. After these years, these 2, almost 3 years of blogging. I really wish I could spare more time, and could post atleast on weekdays, but its not possible.

I could get few weekends off, but not all.. so instead of giving you all false hopes about this blog continuing, I rather quit.

A Massive ThankYou for everyone who visited this blog, followed, commented or even pointed out my mistakes. ThankYou to all the authors who were a part of this blog, who helped me get this blog to where it is today.

When I first started this blog in the summer of 2012, I really didn’t expect it to get so many views, where are we today?

Nearly, 280,000 hits, 375+ followers. That’s really Amazing! :’)

If you all would’nt have supported me at the very beginning, this blog would’nt even have remained till this date.

Best of luck to all the young fantage bloggers, I’ve visited many of your blogs and followed a bunch of you. You all are doing an amazing job with the blog.

I won’t delete this blog, you all can still visit the pages, they all are pretty much outdated.

You’re all amazing! ThankYou for sparing your time reading this, ThankYou to each and everyone of you reading this, for your support.

A final Goodbye. I love you all ❤

Updates :D

1) I’ve changed the blogs tagline from ”The best fantage cheats blog, even for non-members….have fun!” (haha xD, I was like 11 or 12 when I set this, don’t judge me :O) to ”The best Fantage Cheats 2015” (not a very good one, but works)

2) I’ve finally added How to make a header page under the ‘New to Blogging’ main page.

Goodbye :'(

I don’t know, how to say this, but…

I’m not longer interested blogging about fantage or even playing the game. I’ve been delaying this post since months, if  I should or should not quit. I’ve put in a lot of effort along with some amazing friends to get this blog to where it is today. I had fun meeting up with people, hosting contests, hunts, and blogging about the events on fantage. I made many new friends, Luna, barbie, Snow_white, funny4049 & all my followers. (Sorry, If forgot anyone)

I’ve changed a lot: grown up, with different hobbies ‘n’ preferences, that I don’t get time to concentrate here. I hardly log in once or twice a month to approve the comments. Studies have become really difficult, and we have so many assignments & notes pending, that need to be done. :/

If you want to contact me, you can email me at

I started this blog on 8th June 2012, more than 2 & half years ago. I had an amazing time with you all,

Love ya ppl,

aprsept  Afra :’)

p.s- I’m not deleting the blog, just quitting it. You can still read through the pages, but most of them are probably outdated.


Guess who’s turning 15 tomorrow..


Wow! :o


Wow, I just logged in to check up on the blog, and dayyum. The blog broke the record of most views today. 😮

(p.s- Does anyone know why?)


Hello Peeps

Heya :’)

I’m glad that people still view this blog. Yesterday, was the last day of 9th grade. I have a few days of, so I will be adding new/ updating pages.. I’m not going to start posting because I know I won’t be able to do it on the release date.


Happy Valentines Day! ❤

Happy New Year 2015

Logged in to wish you a very Happy New Year 2015 🙂

Hope 2014 was a memorable one. Leave your resolutions in the comments below. Would love to read ‘n’ reply.


Level Title Plates


Idk…when this update was released. 😮


You get it in 3 types. More are coming soon.

I’ve seen some fantagians putting it on, and it really makes them stand out among the others.

For 7 days: 700 Gold

For Permanent use: 2000 Gold


Hello there :)

Psst, thanks Aprsept for inviting me. I only checked my email just a little while ago, so I only saw it just then.

My name is Karley and I will be helping Aprsept out with posting event info.

I might procrastinate a little, sorry.

I’ll try to get most of the events posted or at least several.

Well that’s all I have right now to share, so adios beautiful people!