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Waiting for a host to arrive at a tryout can take a while. You’re looking at your other competition. What do you do? This guide will help you make sure that you get on most people’s good side.

The Wall

Hosts most of the time ask you to stand by the wall so it is easier to see everyone. Try to get a good spot where your username and most of your character is visible so the host can get a good jist of you when they arrive. It is the polite thing to do.



You need to look your best for a tryout or else you won’t get picked. Why? Click here to find out! You should also see what type of tryout you are at before you decide to change into anything. Click here to find out what’s best to wear! You need to change quickly, though, or else the host might come back and start without you. That’s why you have to announce that you are changing with a simple “brb” or else no one will know that you are unable to see anything.


It’s important that you make everyone know that you are actually there. Standing still makes you look like you aren’t really there. When someone says something, you can make expressions such as: OwO, OnO, OuO, ect. That way, people will know that you are there and they won’t try to take advantage of you by standing in your face.




Your host should be here by now, and when they are here, it is crucial that you greet them. That way, they will see you as a courteous person and probably raise your chances of being chosen. Click here to see how to raise your chances even higher!


The competition is about to begin! Good luck! 

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