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♪About me & The blog♫


I am a girl studying in 8th. I love fantage and other sites like it. I hope you like my site, if you want to know about any details please tell me. My blogs has completed a year!


fantage– aprsept

club penguin– Afraimir

pixie hollow– aprsept

tinkle– dodododogo


Games I love to play on fantage~

*Galaxy hero

*Mouse out

*That bubble game in forest

Tips for using this site:

  • Please comment and tell your opinions about the pages, ask your questions etc! We will try our best to reply.
  • Please like some of the pages you like so that people who are looking for the info will find it easily.
  • Follow- for latest update & event posts!

Things I like-


Things I hate-

Things I hate


This blog is about ‘fantage cheats’. You will get the latest tips. cheats, tricks etc on this blog. Feel free to contact me if you need help! Email me at ‘’. Leaf through the different pages, comment and chat with friends on the new chatbox!

Comments on: "♪About me & The blog♫" (35)

  1. nina123nina said:

    I used to play on pixie hollow i still am but we have to be a member to got level3 thats so lame.

  2. i am on club penguin too my name is doremi2011

  3. I play Club Penguin! My username is Camelia016

  4. sophy416 said:

    o oi my birthday is just a day after yours! I didnt even notice that…..

  5. Haii afra aka aprsept
    I also go on girlsgogames
    Could u plz tell meh ur user for girlsgogames so I can search u up and add u
    Ty! ^_^

  6. no way! you play pixie hollow too? I can’t seem to find anybody who can :p

  7. Aprsept do u LIVE in uae or do u COME from UAE?

  8. ashley0711 said:

    aprsept you said you would advert my blog becuz i adverted you! you said on ur email but u never did lol!

  9. Wow! This website is super duper fantageic! (get it?) Anyway, it’s sooooooo awesome.

  10. lunaravenue said:

    This is great!

  11. ☯☮Ⓘⓜⓐⓐⓝⓩⓖ☮☯ said:

    What’s your Girlsgogames?

  12. aprsept check ur email

  13. _angelfire_ said:

    This blog is awesome! MEGA FAN TOURNAMENT

  14. Wow we have a lot of the same likes and dislikes 🙂

  15. Hey Aprspet! Well even though I didn’t get the part to be the new author (I think, was in 2nd) when you need a new person to work here I’m there for you 😉

  16. Susanღ said:

    French Fry lover *high fives*

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