The best fantage cheats 2015

💅Fashion on Fantage💅™



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Comments on: "💅Fashion on Fantage💅™" (11)

  1. no

  2. tammy twilights said:

    what is one of the best outfits for nons from le shop stellar salon and like bord shop like yea u get it whats the best outfit FOR NONS 🙂

    • ♒ Titania Heartfilia ♒ said:

      I prefer the simple yellow top, It’s cheap and simple but cute. That was my first ever top in Fantage and the blue with the color pink is nice too (:

  3. _angelfire_ said:

    This blog is awesome! MEGA FAN TOURNAMENT ….huff…5 pages done!

  4. I want to make one called: Member gifts fashion. When I make it I’ll put it on the menu and then can u add it to fashion in fantage?

  5. Summer Fashion:
    I think Black mystery hair, with a sunny yellow tank top and a royal blue jean shorts really tops the charts! Followed by blue summer shoes and a snowy blue board! Its simple-and cheap! But cute!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  6. where are the subpages?

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