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Journey Under the Sea! Fantage event cheats

Hey everyone! There is a new event called Under the Sea. All of the information is below. Take a peek: P.S. there is a new feature on the information box. You can click on the buttons to show more info.


See? Lets go take some pictures of fishies!


Ellie needs you to take pictures of these fish for her album. Use the swimwear below to do it:


you have to wear the Outfit underwater, then just click on the fish you want to get a picture of and that’s it. Once you get them all, you will get a prize. the second one is members only.



You can also get prizes for getting on the Seahorse Catching leader board.


Good Luck beating it!

The new Limited Items are now here too! They look pretty good.


Lastly, Fantage has a new Bar where you can find the Daily Quiz and Spins. It is located at the upright of your screen:

ImageThats all for this event.

That’s all, BYEES!

New Contest!

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