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Fashion Show!!!

Hey everyone! It’s Candyplum 101 here.

This is for Fantage Spy’s Fashion Show she made recently. Here are my outfits for each theme (in order)  :]

YELLOW: LOL, I’m not sure if the sunglasses are counted as “fashionable”, but I mean, it compliments the look :p 😀 I would actually wear this.


BLUE: I feel like a Smurf, teehee!



RED: Now I feel like eating twizzlers -_-



GREEN: I am a Human Tree. With a St. Patrick’s Day hat… 😮



BLACK: I look  like a girl who’s going to a party with a fancy dress on.. With an eye patch.. With mouse ears. Because it makes so much sense.



PURPLE: I’m a lavender. ❤ Now, if only my skin and eyes were purple~



The pictures above has been my entries for Fantage Spy’s Fashion Show 😀