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Sorry Aprsept! Please Read!

Hey Aprspet! I’m sorry because I’m not going to post much because I’m going to add more pages on my blog and keep updated. But I will still update and post so much. I mean not daily, it’s like 2 or 3 times a day. I’m also working on the page ”Incredible Kid” and my hands are still aching for writing that very long page. Also I will not be active in June because I’m going to school and need to focus on my studies. That’s all, Bye!


I am sorry :(,but the party time’s changed again.

I am throwing a party on 25/3/13 at 10:00 am (fantage time)- (UAE- 6:00 PM)


Server-Yellow Yeti

Place- Star Cafe (Downtown)

I am sorry that I could’nt come on time and kept pearly and lunaravenue waiting but I had to go out argently!

Tomorrow same time I will be having the party.

I will not forget guranteed cause I have set an alarm on all my mobiles, alarm clocks, everywhere where I could set an alarm.

So all of guys please come. I will be there around 9:50 fantage time so people who wanna add me can add me.

~ aprsept

Sorry to all the people who waited 😦