The best fantage cheats 2015

⌘Pet Locked Items⌘








Comments on: "⌘Pet Locked Items⌘" (26)

  1. thx! Now i know which pet i want to get! 🙂

  2. Correction, the pet locked items for Lolo and Halo are switched, you should correct it right away before your viewers get the wrong pet and they’ll start hating this amazing blog! 😮

    Glad to help 😉

    ~ ❤ Raya ❤

  3. But I can’t find the pet locked items anywhere! Where are they? 😦

  4. Sweet_Girl_424 said:

    Now they have little codies! Can u show us the items? Pets are: Cody Jr., Rose, and i forget his name.

  5. Maddie Singer said:

    I quit fantage. Its too hard to get ecoins, and I get hacked all the time. fantage is the worst

  6. In my opinion, I think Rosie’s pet-locked item is the best one. Are there pet-locked items for the Little Codies? They’re the newest set of pets…

  7. Wow!
    I have e-coins so I’m gonna buy magic code with the help of it, I could buy anything I want with the help of this pet codes!

  8. You have sparkli and charmi mixed up but thx anyways I know what pet I want now! 😉

  9. tigergirl88911 said:

    the gloves are awesome for the little rainbow when you wave or cry it makes a rainbow I just got the rock and rainbow to day cuz I got 10,000 ecoins from lucky bot 😉

  10. Sparkli gets the star wand and charmi gets the rainbow gloves! \

  11. The items for Charmi and Sparkli are mixed up: Sparkli gets the guitar and Charmi gets the gloves. Please fix this soon, because I just bought Sparkli when I wanted the gloves, but instead I got the guitar.

  12. I found something cool! When I hatched loads of pets at premium member week, I still got to keep the items<33!!

  13. jennifer tofan:) said:

    OML OML OML when can i get springo??? xD i want him sooooooo bad cool prize (wink)

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