The best fantage cheats 2015

⌨ Xat Chat ⌨

Checkout the chat box, have fun!!

Comments on: "⌨ Xat Chat ⌨" (17)

  1. Hi ummmmmmmmmmm I am just bored sooo I just am doing nothing…..

  2. littlecutie017 said:

    hi i love your blog

  3. rachel123686 said:

    I lovee your blog its awesome can I have a member no trade free with like friskey pb bb uhmm cc I guess and a lot of stars and eCoins uhmm uhh so yeah uhm uhh so ya just comment back and tell me your username and p****word just did that so It wont get banned ;p sooo ya buh bye!!From~rachel123686
    P.S. pm me if you wanna trade on YOUTUBE uhm if you have a account ill go to your channel I want a member one cause all member ones on youtube don’t work so yeah byee!

  4. _angelfire_ said:

    This blog is awesome! MEGA FAN TOURNAMENT

  5. cutekitty05 said:

    it doesn’t load, after 2 hours of leaving the page in my computer still doesn’t load =_=

  6. Hi! Do any of you have a youtube account? I do and i also make fantage videos u can check my channel if you want its jisawesome2
    Plz checkout my youtube channel and subscribe if you have one!
    Heres the link to it
    Thx and plz subscribe!
    This is an awesome fantage cheat blog. I told all my friends about it and they told me there loving it:)

  7. woooooooooooooooooooow have u seen all the f****ing stupied ACCOUNTS!

  8. lol srry I said FUCK!

  9. boreing said:

    well this blog is boring

  10. hey ppl cool blog btw i am giuing away a free membership account for free please dont band or imma change the pass is this understode jk but please dont band please please dont band it ok here i go

    user- kittycatkaitie
    pass- km0213 enjoy btw dont BAND i dont wanna regret it cus allways when i giue a account ppl cept banding it 😦 any way enjoy

  11. funstuffs is a scholar!

  12. wolfgirl6410 said:


  13. Hi guys
    Anyone wanting an acc

  14. It is
    Username : cleo174
    Password : shirsha5

    Plz don’t ban and it is real!!!

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