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▒Fantage Secret Areas▒™

Frankenstein’s Secret Place


I was really thinking the past few days what are all those shapes and guess what after such a long I found out what was the thing.

Image    Image  Image

When we click on the shapes the shapes turn white in colour. There is code there. Actually it is not the same every time we need to find it. Near the door of the lighthouse you can see the order to click the shapes.


See that!


See what happens near the bush


See this, you can actually guess whom this place belongs to



Can you see that, So he plans all his evil schemes here.


But the bush is like this always.


Light house top floor


Go up the stairs


Top floor




Go to the forest

Click on the ‘grotto’


See the code at the top. (Its different every always)


Click the candles according to the code.


The robe will loosen


You will reach this place


Click on the turtle and go up the path


(or) Click on the mushroom to go up


Take any way but you will be coming here


Click on this lift (whatever you call it 😉 )


You will reach here.

Click on the fairy to know her name and the story (finding this place)


These were the secret places. Have fun hanging out there.

I know only these, if you know any others comment and tell me 😉

Comments on: "▒Fantage Secret Areas▒™" (74)

  1. I know more secret places.

  2. hollow72244 (quited blogging) said:

    I know another one.

  3. I know a lot more since I’ve had an account for five years. You should try to post them on your blog. I’ll give you a hint: Grotto, Lighthouse 2x, Star Cafe, Super Power Shop, your Inventory, etc. Those are all the hints I’m giving you but there is still more secret areas that I’m not going to tell you where they are are because I figured you want to try and find them yourself. A good challenge always puts me in a brighter mood. 🙂 My username is mollieaton123 if you want to be my friend on Fantage. By the way, nice blog! ;D

  4. There’s a treehouse. The fairy treehouse. Go to grotto and light the candles in the order on the arc above. The click on the duck boat. Kay~

  5. There’s another place where no 1 has discoverd…

  6. any more places..??

  7. any more places

  8. hey i would like to be ur frd

  9. fantagefreak said:

    umm can i talk to you do u have a phone whatsapp me @ 97798156 thanksssssss i need to have a talk with you :((((((

  10. fantagefreak said:

    please please please i needa talk to you

  11. there so awesome!!!
    the one at the lighthouse took me a while to find too

    • wow, cool that was the 1st one I ever found out about

      • hannah2584 said:

        theres one at seabreeze well its not secret but people dont go there i think some people you keep going to the right and tada! your at the other side of the boat and you can see the sunset

  12. Um I need help because i want to make a website and i cant do the thing on the top and i want to use that style. I need help! 😥

  13. Abby Nixon said:

    thanks! i found all of these places!!. if you know any other secret places please email me –


  15. Can u plz tell me the christmas secret place and the ones in star cafe and the super power shop? And there’s a secret PLACE in your inventory?

  16. cookietime11 said:

    wow! that’s so helpful. would be nice if there was more though

  17. the lighthouse top is easy

  18. They are cool! I like dr finkelstien’s

  19. supergirl>u said:

    I know two more secre plc xD

  20. supergirl>u said:

    i know how to go to the dock, which is now disappear from the map!

  21. bluejay said:

    Thank you so much! This worked! I love this blog! =)

  22. You can also visit the Dock and Oasis, which has been taken off the map…and, once you reach the top of the Lighthouse, you can use the telescope and view space!

  23. I know there is an oasis, I have been there. Here is how to get to it:
    Click on your IDFone and click on apps. Once you are in apps click on the Card Album and click Play Card Quest in the top left corner. Then once you click that, in the background you will see sand and an oasis. Click the red “X” on the message that pops up saying play card quest. There you are! The Oasis! I hope this helped you guys!

  24. i know there is a secret place at the orion’s rare finds

  25. jilian147 said:

    you girls should tell me some secret places

  26. jilian147 said:

    how do you get to the dock?

  27. jilian147 said:

    by the way when u get to oasis u click the airplane and voala you are on the dock

  28. guys i know theres a secret in orins find that gem plc but i cant find it

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