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♧How to Win a tryout♧™

Tryouts are all about looks and timing. Want to know more? Check out the “How Likely are You to Win a Tryout” page for more info. But you need to dress your best to get the best shot!

Sadly, Non members have a certain disadvantage because most of the time members, get picked over non members due to looks. Want to know why? See the “How Likely Are You to Win” page for an explanation.

Although, Non-Members are getting more equality, so this is what you should do until the lines aren’t so definite anymore!

1. Save for a Rainy Day

Instead of wasting your stars on ugly sweaters, short hair and plain boards, try saving up your e-coins and buying some decent clothes with your e-coins which you can wear forever. Hosts like to see you wearing something fashionable. They would prefer this:


Over this:


So save up those e-coins!! Also, if you don’t think your coined looks are doing so great, try consulting a fashion friend to see if your looks are trendy enough. Some member items aren’t that great either.

Vintage Items used to look way cool! And now with Vintage Items, you can get some pretty cool non-member items as well. Try that out for a change! Hosts like fashionable people.

If you have more than 5,000 coins, and if you’re feeling lucky, the Robo-Roulette Lucky Bot is an awesome way to get really cool items! They are colorful, and unique. Just don’t look like a giant freak!

2.Popular Items

You want to try and get some Vintage and Popular items (CC hair, BB hair, Chloe hair, Chalk Board, etc.). They make people look a little bit better than they actually are since they used to be really good trading items.

They still have massive appeal and wearers get more respect for owning those items. Vintage Gold is the perfect opportunity to get those items for prices lower than they’ve ever been! Here’s an example:

Before: (No Beta/Popular Hair)


After: (The popular Brown BB Hair)


Does it not look better than before?

3. Don’t Be a Freak

Unless the tryout calls for some sort of monster, prop, or pet, wearing costumes like animals, objects, or work force people just make you look weird. Don’t show up like this:

Animal 3 to a family tryout! The normal people will see you as weird and the more childish people will try to virtually eat you. So beware!!!

Also, don’t wear weird items. No big hairs, crazy boards, or just awful outfits. It makes you look unappealing

More tips soon!

Comments on: "♧How to Win a tryout♧™" (11)

  1. You should also tell them that when they go to a tryout house, always say HI because if you don’t, you will end up being silent.people also chat with you more if you say Hi

    • kate4088 said:

      Thats true becuz I always to that and I have a full buddy list so that has to say something right!?!?!?

  2. kate4088 said:

    This is your blog and all but I think that you should do a file thingy on how to get stars quickly. I think that it would get you alot more vistitors and it would help your blog grow!! 😉

  3. Where is the how likely you are to win page?

  4. I think winning a tryout is more complex than this. Maybe try giving tips for specific tryouts, like tips for familly tryout, movie tryout, ect. This isn’t a bad page but I think it could be improved.

    On the plus side I like the general concept of this, we need more pages about roleplays/tryouts.

  5. FantageCeleb said:

    I have a tip for movie tryouts ask the host what theme. 2.Wear matching clothes to that theme. 3. Enjoy making the movie!

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