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💇Bad Work Fantage💇™

Bad work fantage-

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Fantage has been known for it’s hip fashion and remarkable details.  However, is the popular site losing it’s touch? Ever since Fantage released it’s latest designs, there are few people who have been seen wearing them. According to players-


  • The new ‘Periwinkle Hair’ is really not that special and is ugly.
  • The new luxury top seems nice, but it looks a lot like the previous design except in a different color.
  • The new outfit is not getting a good review either.

That is only the member items. As for non members, the style for them has dropped 99%.

Non- members

  • The new ‘Chocolate Hair’ is boyish, short, choppy, and has uneven bangs.
  • The clothing for the past few months have been just hideous sweaters and baggy exercise sweats.

In my opinion, it seems like the clothing one would wear if there was nothing else to wear. This is just my opinion but compare the new looks with the older ones. The ones in the middle of the catalog. Those were way better than the new ones. This is just my opinion though. What do you think?


The new outfit???

4 5

  • Will anyone waste 1000 stars on this pale sweater???
  • Both the sweater are so expensive and look similar.

Fantage fashions are not only going down, but what about the things not seen by the new members? In 2008, there were items there that looked amazing that just aren’t here anymore? They are not rare, not limited, and not luxury. They just disappeared? My best guess is that Fantage removed these items. You may have seen people wearing them. They are just not there anymore. Oh yeah, and there used to be a TON of dresses for non members, but gone.  Not there no more! You can find them at the trade and sell though (for ridiculous prices though) There also used be a prettier stater board. It was pink with a heart but that was replaced with a plain white board. See what I am talking about? Fantage, you need to get you act together.


The pink board is replaced with the white board.


They look almost exactly the same!!!

The New Clothes: 

New Clothes 01

7/23/13– These latest dresses and outfits look terrible! They may look alright on the models, but if you try them on, they look really bad. The new dress for non-members seems like a square with part of the top missing. The colors are so dark and a little big gloomy for summer time styles and the luxury hair is more like dyed straw with a hat on top. The non member hair is dull, short, and too boyish. A girly girl would hate that! The blonde hair looks really bad, but can be easily fixed by buying the headband. Even with it, it still doesn’t look good. The older fashions look way better.

However, there is one plus side of the fashions: the earrings. They are silver, and shaped like a lightning bolt. It may seem like the blue one, but this new one is slimmer and better shaped, and smaller. It seems more like real earrings. This is one of the only plus sides. the other plus sides are pretty much just the accessories.

New Clothes 02

9/3/13- This is one of the worst I have seen yet! Can you BELIEVE that Fantage is going GOTH of all things? Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with being Goth, it’s just that this is a kid’s site! The middle hairs and clothes are just unacceptable. The dress even has the word GOTH in it! It should say: Witches Dress instead. And the Vixen top? More like Vampire top. And the and shoes have the word DARK in them and the purse has a freaking SKULL on it. This is Fantage: A Fantastic Age, not Fantage: Pirates of the Seas, okay? And look how different they are from the Luxury ensemble. How did it go from: Summertime bubblegum to Vampire Slick? The Summertime bubblegum isn’t even that good. The top is okay, but the shorts are too long and the hair is shaped really weird like it’s wet. And the non-member outfit is basically a colored tee-shirt with nothing else whatsoever and some brown shorts…yawn. The hair is also short. I bet no one can even point out 6 hairs for non-members that AREN’T short. 

Plus side? Nothing. At all! This is just another waste of Fantage’s time trying to impress us with nothing but meaningless trash.

New Clothing

12/10/13–  Improvement has come along for Fantage, but there is still a long way to go before they can even COMPETE with Vintage Classics. First thing to look at are hairs. Lets face the facts, none of them look good. The last one makes you look like a middle aged soccer mom and the first one makes your head look weird. The second one barely matches anything and doesn’t look good if you don’t have those eyes. Clothing isn’t much of a big whoop either. The first and last outfits are just un-creative. The last one is a bright red sweater and that kind of red doesn’t really look good on anything but firetrucks. The pants are plain as well. The first dress looks like something someone from the time when women weren’t allowed to wear pants. The second dress id sort of nice, but only fit if you want to look like a swan. The shoes don’t match well unless paired with their original outfits and there are NO accessories this time. I don’t know if Fantage is just blind…or if they were just lazy. No positives here.

Bad Work 1

1/14/14- Much has improved since last year, but the Fantage Designers have only barely made the line past out expectations. Lets focus on the first outfit, shall we? The dress. have you tried that on? It looks like a scissor cut it out with just lines and no smooth outs. Too pixelated and sharp. The shoes have no purpose. It looks like a copy of another shoe. Everything in the middle isn’t very good. The hair is weird, the shirt makes one look fat, the bottom has no style at all and the boots look strange. Its clear that the hair and jeans look like any other awful non-member fashion, but the top is what really caught my attention. It is bad but can be made into a mediocre outfit. You really have to try with that top. It’s not something you can just throw on with everything else.

The good part? The first hair with the braid is alright. You need to be careful with this outfit as well.


6/28/14- Fantage has really worked hard on these outfits. It can improve, but I find these designs cute and much better than the others before. Lets start from the first one, hair is well? Satisfactory. The top looks stunning when worn by fantagians and can be paired with any of the bottoms in the catalog. The skirt is also quite pretty but suites only a few other tops besides this one. The next one’s ‘A Ballroom Gown’, but its not long. (weird) But the dress is really nice and I love the pearl necklace with it. The hair with the outfit doesn’t suite well and we can go for another one besides it. The non-member top is really cute and can be paired with any bottom. You can look through your inventory for bottoms to match the top. You don’t need to waste your stars on it. The hair could be a little better, but you could always go for others.



Comments on: "💇Bad Work Fantage💇™" (111)

  1. katyperry1898 said:


  2. Hello lunaravenue 🙂 Nice post.

  3. Yeah your super right ! The latest clothes and hair is so ugly ! I mean who are their designers of clothes? Maybe they pay them cheap that’s why it’s ugly -.-“”

  4. civic_pricess said:

    Did you see the new recolours? They rock! Like seriously.

  5. hii apreset …nice work

  6. caro1726 said:

    Wow, I agree, especially with the hair that kinda looks like P!nk’s hair with like half shaved? I mean, come on! Can’t you give items like PROM HAIR! Or blonde intriguing hair!? I mean seriously?

  7. Ur right AprSept!

  8. I agree. It seems as if Fantage is losing it’s sense of fashion. And they’re getting more stingy and greedy. Trying to make you get membership, hardly any good stuff for nons.

  9. I totally agree. And not just the clothes, Fantage itself used to have like almost every single server filled! It is outrageous how these people think! Just because its the 21ar century doesn’t mean we have to look ugly! For example, the firework event limited items: HIDEOUS! In the Le Shop there were free clothes! Population and Stlye have gone down a lot over time on fantage. And that’s coming from someone who’s known about fantage for pretty much the whole time it’s existed.

  10. I agree. Back then, Fantage used to be AWESOME in fashion. Now, they’re just plain, dull, ugly, clothes and sometimes recolored. Like, seriously Fantage, how hard is it just to make a clothing that looks nice?! Like, back then, you used to work hard, and now, you are lazy and can’t do any work!

  11. Maplekitten123 said:

    OMG IKR! Its no fair for non members! They always have to get so weird, ugly, boyish, and a piece of cr!p clothing! Sometimes members get ugly clothes. I agree with you all! Maybe someone should do the contact Fantage and say:

    Dear Fantage,

    Do you think all non members should be happy? Do you think some non members are always grateful of what they have? Do you have some fantagians that think Fantage isn’t fair? Non members should get better clothes like member clothes. I mean, I know we can use eCoins, but we have to BUY it. Some parents do not afford their children to have membership/eCoins. So can you please make better clothing for non members? (Some for members) If you don’t, I will quit Fantage and never come back. Thank you!

    I don’t really think/recommend you to do this, but do it all you want.
    Okei bye bye. ;'(

  12. Maplekitten123 said:

    Correction to Do you have some fantagians that think Fantage isn’t fair?:

    Do you have some fantagians saying, “Fantage isn’t fair at all! :-(“…?

  13. How come your blog says “COMMENT BELOW IF YOU HAVE QUESTIONS, TIPS OR SIMPLY RANDOM STUFF!” and my blog says something like this “REPLY/COMMENT BELOW”? Can you help me change that? Thanks!

  14. Marcyrockz123 said:

    Hup hup Listen up! I talked to an Admin with some gals on Monday at oasis and he said he’ll tell his boss to bring back Vintage and Oasis shop maybe. Admin also says that he luvs us all.

  15. I made my account in 2009 and there were tons of cool items. And then when I started to play again one month ago everything was different. There were different shops and the clothes were just ABSOLUTELY horrible! I have quite a few ecoins from selling old and limited items but I don’t even know what to do with them! I hate or don’t like at least 80% of the clothes in Le Shop! I really hope Fantage gets better clothing designers and bring back some old items or at least make some worth buying.

    • I truly agree with you joanne, fantage is getting worse at clothes.

      • i started playing in 2013 and the clothes were good but then at trade and sell the people were making the clothes that were in the le shop everyone in trade and sell made a say 20 stars sweat pants at the le shop people make them about 1,0000,0000,000 stars and then they got vintage gold i started to get mad because they were for member and then thats when i became a member but now i dont even like it the clothes are not good

  16. ~~~fantage~~~ said:

    Well mostly Fantage was so STUPID! if they didn’t get the old/retired items! i’m a non…………. and Fantage got some stupid clothing for nons! 😡 its always having sweaters for nons >_< so bad that fantage only gives fabulous stuff from members! and ur RIGHT aprsept! i agree! 🙂 😀

  17. II sigh II i wish there were not soo many member items we need ones for non members. and who pays 1000 stars for a blank white, red ,pink ext…

    i am always looking on the internet for cheats on how to get e coins and stars or how to look good. thx for ur help on ur blog! 🙂


  19. It’s just not fair for u nons! Even though I’m a mem I seriously am angry with fantage!!! They are doing this to nons because they want money!! I know they must have money to keep fantage going but seriously!! They are taking it too far!! Let a child enjoy fantage without begging their parents for membership!! I am disgusted!! Fantage is growing out of fashion and fun!! Well fantage is fun but not for nons!! All u guys get is sweaters and dresses that look like a total mess!! 😦 😦 :(!! The mem clothes are fine, though i do think they r growing a teensy bit out of fashion!!

  20. I’m so sorry aprsept for not posting for a long,long time and i know i truly deserve to be removed and I know how much of work you have and you need help from people and i have failed to do so anyway Happy New Year and it was nothing personal i just had alot of work to do(school work) so I’m free now so I will be often reading your blog and giggle to the funny posts and i may be in some contest sometime or maybe not 🙂 Cya!

  21. I agree with all of this. I buy the cheaper eCoined shirts from the back, and they are mostly way better than the newest ones!

  22. This is so true! I get so annoyed with how Fantage probably makes the non member outfits and hair purposely worse than the premium member ones (which are also sometimes very bad) I miss old Fantage (insert tear here)

  23. Sweety778 said:


  24. do the February one

  25. I started fantage in 2010 the clothing then was like amazing -I WANT THE COOL CAT HAIR!!!!- I left in 2011, and retuned in 2013 only a little bit after retuning a friend wanted to join, I helped her and found all that awesome stuff u can get at the start! So I made a new account ( this one “sky7710”) I get on……AND……. Everyone had the same things as me+ all the new stuff is UHHH it’s just not as fun!!!! ANSI honestly think all the people how send in OR post online is way way WAY better then the editors artwork!!!! Reply if u agree :/

    • Yes, the art works done by the fantagians are better then the ones fantage creates. I serious like the outfits everyone designs, other than fantage’s plain old sweaters.

  26. log on to Fantage
    go into le shop
    go to the back of the “tops” section
    BLANK WHITE SHIRT. good job fantage.well done.

  27. that’s extremely true, cuz all the new clothe and hair in fantage stores are horrible. only some are acceptable and now you cant get any good clothe from trading anymore 😦

  28. The new non mem hair is pretty acceptable. (Dark side ponytail) Didn’t think Fantage actually let nons have long hair…

  29. Ahem, fantage tried.
    Will you stop the complain!?
    Fantage pixeled this and Fantage coded
    you know how hard coding a game is
    Simple ones are like:
    , etc,
    etc, but a game, they tried for over 5 years just to do this.
    You cant just randomly code.

    well, this is you, and this is me.

  30. Fantage have astounded me!
    They give non members in the catalog NO SHOES. What do they think we are? Look in the catalog, you will see 3 or 4 pairs of non member shoes. Nothing more. It’s not like they are pretty either. Plain boring flats. Fantage has obviously lost its respect for anyone who isn’t willing to pay for pixels.

    • I know! I only saw one pair of shoes witch are just blue shoes no creative name no added details, just BLUE SHOES. they also made amazing neon shoes for outfit this month and it was part of the non members outfit.but I went to buy them and… PM ONLY! its sad that fantage gets non members hopes up about good clothes and then BAM! ONLY PM! seriously fantage take pride in all of the fantagians. you need money to keep going, but don’t raise prices in everything to do that!and don’t be greedy!ur trying to get more pm’s,it wont work! because who wants to even play fantage if you cant get decent stuff before a membership!

    • PsychoPath600 said:

      They lost creativity. I saw a pair of pants named: Brown Pants with Flower Pattern.
      Great job, lunaravenue.

  31. Soooo… It’s been like four months since you last updated it. When are you going to update?

  32. ocelotminer said:

    I totally agree. Fantage fashion used to be like LEGENDARY on the virtual worlds. But now its just ugh.

  33. Yes now they have released a new currency named gold , and we have to buy that for real money and buy the clothes from the kiosk of other people.Seriously that’s horrible and a waste of money.And they almost removed the good items from the shops to sell it in vintage gold for a higher price.And very earlier they removed much more clothes and now we can’t buy them. Either we have to wait for them to appear in vintage gold,or check any kiosk where they are selling those.But instead of removing those clothes it was better if they let those items remain in the shops because we non members even don’t have any nice or fashionable clothes to wear, and no one would buy anything from vintage gold because of the sky touching prices.They should add gold in the daily spin right?……

  34. Emily Mables said:

    I like the blue and yellow sweater though. 😦

  35. Sweet_Girl_424 said:

    Can you update it?

  36. I joined fantage in 2009 and the colthes for nons and mems were AWESOME liak pie then i t all changed nons were gettting the WORST clothes i feel so sorry for nons i want to give away my rare member acc to a non so they can be happy here MY note to fantage

    Dear Fantage,

    What has happend everything use to be so good back then! Lots of nons loved fantage back then for the nice clothes they had now fantage is being so mean ive seen the way nons act they make tryouts BEGING for a preium acc! Fantage hear me out you just want poor nons money! I WILL SPAM DIS ON FANTAGE TILL FANTAGE FIXS THIS PROB 😡

    Really Mad

    thats mah letter c:

  37. chloe123367 said:

    Can u update it

  38. The blue and yellow sweater i actually like, paired with shorts, long hair and the camera.

  39. White (JumpJupiterGirl) said:

    I like how you comment fashion.I like your style. «3
    I am just dissapointed.I have been playing for a long time fantage and I know the old fashion fantage was way better.They look like drawings in paint and colored with the bucket. -_- Sorry for my freakin english.
    I like ur site ❤

  40. Its so annoying how they display this really good looking hair (like the yellow braids one) but they don’t let you buy it!!! Like wut -_- you designed that to just make us annoyed

  41. Guys I’m a non but now you can get member clothes,Ecoins are free now but still fantage is getting worse i started 2009 it had awsome clothes but now its completely ruined! (I’m only 8 yrs old) And now there’s all these glitches and if u want free mem eyes all you need to do is this (only works if ur on english fantage) Go on Espanol’ Fantage,Go to sunblock choose what eyes you want it should say 0ecoins 0stars pay with ecoins then go back to english fantage and there your pm eyes are there! Fantage should really give non-members a week of pm it’s like moviestarplanet i have to beg for VIP bc its real money and same with fantage you need to have real money to get pm,Someone should call fantage and tell them that non-members are saying ‘Fantage isnt fair anymore’ And they should see how they react.Please fantage I’m begging you to sort the clothing,glitches and the whole of fantage bc its changed ALL OF IT HAS!!! I quittied fantage and now i came back on at 2012 and its horrible! Please fantage,Fix this kid website please.

  42. And i totally agree with everyone,Try call fantage I’m actully crying bc of fantage.

  43. ariameloetta said:

    And now, they RAISED THE PRICE of items. A smiley shirt that costed 60 stars before now costs 200-300 stars… THEY MULTIPLIED THEIR PRICES BY THE TWENTIES…

  44. ariameloetta said:

    1. Orange Pop Star hair
    2. Retro White hair
    3. Bright green hair
    4. Sunshine Gold
    5. Purple Haze
    6. Lovely Locks
    7. Soft Blonde
    8. Olive tone
    9. Cutsy Pigtails
    BOOM! Just named all the long nonmember hair

  45. Yes, I got ripped off at mymall today :(. Fantage is trying way to hard to be cool and kid friendly when it’s really not.1.The clothes is ugly and it’s only getting worst, 2.They change WAY too much, 3.They are so desperate for money and people to buy member ships and stuff.

  46. PsychoPath600 said:

    I log on,
    I go to Le Shop,
    I scroll to the section of bottoms,
    I spot a white pair of pants,
    Its name? Turquoise Pants.
    I shall not excuse you unless you let a color blind person name that.

  47. im a mem but I still lov the nonsweaterts I think theyre really cute for like a day at mymall or something but I do agree with u fanateg used to be much better I waz thinking though maybe if we all tell fanatage on all our accounts that we want old fanatage back or we will quit and tell our friends to quit they will bring old fanatage back btw don’t accually quit just incase they do it te he

  48. there is no vintage gold now……..

  49. darkestwarrior said:

    I would laugh so freaking hard if they made a Skrillex outfit for both boys and girls! Lol

  50. fantage fan said:

    yeah this year games like moshi monsters fantage bin weevils club penguin and lady popular have now become pointless right now people are like so obsessed with animal jam go see it and make it a better game then animal jam fantage makers

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