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Love unicorns and fantage?

Hi guys. Sorry I am a little late with the news. I have been very busy this week. Anyway, if you have been on fantage this past week you would have already heard what the buzz it about. That is right unicorn lovers. Vantage has a new and amazing unicorn board! Now it isn’t like those regular boards in Fantage. It is a real 3-D unicorn.

The unicorn comes in three colors. Purple, blue and green. For members this is great because it only cost 40,000 ecoins and 100 stars while for the non members like me it is 90,000 ecoins and 40,000 stars!

Now this next news I am not sure if it is real or just a rumor but I’ll just tell you. I was recently reading one of my favorite blogs Fantage Spy and found out that Fantage is having a summer sale with 900% off everything! Hopefully it is true and not a rumor.

Well that’s your Fantage update. We will update you as soon as we find some new news about Fantage.

-The Funny Drawers