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Back to School Event! Fantage Cheats 2013

Back to School has come to Fantage! Here’s all the things that are taking place right now:

Back 2 School Info

Lots to do! First, you can help the teacher by doing everything on the to-do list below. You will win stars, prizes, and a medal for doing so! Replay them to get more stars.

Back 2 School To do List

To play them, click on each game. They are pretty simple, but if you want to review them, comment below!

What’s school without the bus? There is a stop Downtown. Click on the bus to ride it. It will read this:

Back 2 School Bus

Click yes to go on.

You can play the game “Simon Says”. All you have to do is do the action that Simon tells you to do. Be careful. Get it wrong, and the bus will automatically drop you off at the school!

Back 2 School Games and Win!

Play these games to win a furniture item for your home! You don’t even have to win!

There is a new category for you to play in Off the Hook as well! It’s Pop Culture. That means: Movies, T.V Shows, Books, and that kind of stuff. Songs too!

Back 2 School Limiteds

Last, but not least, are the Limited Items. Don’t they look better than usual?

Not a lot for this event. I’ll see you soon!