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Fantage Easter Party


Here is all the information! Just so many fun things to do. Isn’t it just great?

And the stamp book! If you are a non member, you don’t get the medal. Just thought you should know!


And, who could forget the limited items!! Save up those ecoins and stars and get going. I bet these are going to be a big hit.


User-insprired items are now released. Who do like the best? Comment!


You can get prizes when you invite people! Hurry and invite your friends!


You better hurry and get cotton! One of the most cutest holiday pets! In addition, you get a special costume for hatching her!


Fashion show prizes! Depending on how many times you win, you get a prize! There are prizes for non members too! How thoughtful!

Easter on Fantage

ImageThese are the instructions for the Easter Event on Fantage! There is a mini-game where you paint Easter eggs. Simply choose the colors and designs. When done, press done. Check out all of the new items too! New user items came out as well. I love the rainbow hair above! Just like on Valentines day, a new Cotton costume is out for the users. Also keep an eye out for eggs. They are bright, glowing, and colorful so they cannot be hard to miss. Also, if you invite a lot of friends, you can win these prizes. This works a lot like the Charity event we had a while back.


Cool right? Let’s try to get to 10,000 invites to get those prizes!

The Cotton Outfit looks like this:Image

There are also prizes for winning five and ten fashion shows!


Happy Easter!