The best fantage cheats 2015

↿Levels Guide↾™


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Comments on: "↿Levels Guide↾™" (11)

  1. It helped a lot. I am at level 8 now just 2 days from when I joined.

  2. worldsaver2 said:

    Right now I’m at level 646 and I really want to level up more. I hatched all the pets, completed all the missions, and finished a lot of the other things. It really won’t let me level up much more, so can you please help?????

    • lunaravenue said:

      Did you try: catching seahorses, serving food, doing infinite amount of fashion shows, hosting a ton of fashion shows, buying everything on the trendsetters list, playing all of the games and getting number one, being number one on Hot or Not, Go on a ballistic shopping spree, or do everything for events? If so, then I cannot help you anymore. If not, then I suggest starting now. Hope this helps!

  3. Oh and members And non-members can level up by doing fashion shows.
    I suggest doing it in the beach since its easier and the bots are non-members

  4. Secret Adv. and rare items are for members. (they’re in the nons section)

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