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Lights Out Event: Now Released

Well, Here comes the most annoying event in Fantage -.- The Lights Out event, Same as the Black Out event last year.

Blue additions by Luna

Basic Info:



This is what you can do. There is a lot to do so you better hurry before the event ends!

Limited Items:


Not as great as last year’s. Fantage really needs to fire their designer.




Where in Fantage is this gigantic factory located anyway? How did we miss that?

Capsule Hunt Info:

Awesome prizes, eh? Aye! Especially the furniture!


Prizes are clothes, hair, furniture, gems, stars and power cells.

All of the items are non-member accessible. That means even non-members can use them! (Don’t try and tell me otherwise because my friend who’s a non-member tried it and it works)

Power Cells:


By clicking the ”Power Cell” button at the upper right side, You can see how many power cells you have. Power Cells can be get at the Capsule Hunt.

You can click the giant generators located throughout Fantage to deposit these cells. They will brighten up the place, but only for a short time. 

Firefly Collecting:


As usual, Yellow means for non-members and the rest are for members. Aye ~.~

Fireflies are scattered all across Fantage in every area. Some fireflies are located inside stores in the following areas ONLY: Uptown, Downtown, Castle.



Do all the tasks to get a medal and level up!


Okay, That’s it!



and Add-ons by Luna ❤