The best fantage cheats 2015

ღMake a headerღ™

Learn to make a header here! Follow the steps to make one:

There are 2 ways-

Make An Header 1

1. A nice background


Select an appropriate background for your header. You can search or backgrounds on search engines or create one yourself.

For backgrounds:

  1. Background labs
  2. WeHeartIt

2. Go to a photo editing site & Crop

You can use or

Using Pizap is really very easy! You can select a background from there and add stickers, pics etc. You can explore it yourself.

Using PicMonkey


Click on edit a photo. Upload the picture.


Crop the picture accordingly. You can add the measures or crop using the crop box that appears on the background.

3. Insert An Overlay

Untitled 1

Click on the icon to insert an overlay. You can upload your own or add from the ‘general’ section.


Right click- You can now select the options, delete, duplicate etc.

Personalize and add you own touch! :’)

4. Add Your Text


5. And Your Done!


Okay, I know this one really sucks 😛

Make An Header 2

For Lazy People 😛 (like me)

1. Search ‘header’


Choose the one you like and save the image.

2. Go to an editing site and add text


Here, its picmonkey. You can also use paint.

3. Save it

header 3 kolumner

Save your work. It does’nt look half bad. Just search for a background that matches well with your theme, there are lots of great ones. (This was maybe the first one that appeared when I searched)

ThankYou For Commenting :')

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