The best fantage cheats 2015


Stars are the basic currency for Fantage. Members can buy anything with them. As for non-members, their selection is limited to what isn’t yet starred. How do you get these stars? There are many was to earn them! You can:

Log in

Log in every day on Fantage for….

A Week- 350 stars- 700 stars

A Month- 3000 stars!!!

So log in daily and you can get the benefits.

Free Stickers

  1. Create a new class at the Fantage school (5 times you will get 10 star atickers).
  2. Go to the lucky bob’s place to sell the stars.
  3. You will get many stars selling each sticker. Note that this may not work for some people.

Mini Quests & Tutorials

Do all ‘know it all’ and ‘mini quests’.

These quests earn you a solid amount of stars when you first enter Fantage. Most of them are simple, but a few may be challenging.


The most common way people earn stars? Games! Games are located all over Fantage. There is a game almost anywhere on Fantage. Just take a look! All of the highlighted areas have a game. When you play a game, you earn stars. Some games are simple whereas others are harder. The more you play, the more stars you earn!

Fantage Game Locations

The games that earn you the most stars include:

  • Fashion Show
  • Fish Fish
  • Pet Games
  • Staries
  • Off the Hook

Remember that you can play whatever games you like! The above just earn the most.

@Ticket Booth

Events can earn you some stars too! Depending on what event it is, you can earn stars! For example, there is usually a bag of 300 stars as a prize at the Ticket Booth when there are Carnival Events!

Star Tickets

See? You earn tickets depending on what event it is and the method the earn tickets to get the stars is always different. You have to see the information based on each event in order to do so.

These are all the ways in which we can earn stars.

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  1. flowergirl said:

    i know all of that

  2. Ya i do to 😀

  3. awesome! thanks!

  4. in know that I did all that million times! can you post something we don’t know ??
    I have some thing,,, make a new account and when its written down who told you about the site write the name of your character like your name is popu88 and your new account name is pipy999 so you should write popu88

  5. thank you sooooooooooooo much cuz I’m a non member and my amount of stars has been on zero 4 ages.

  6. how many stars do u hav????!!!!!

  7. cool , I already knew some of these strategies but thx anyway

  8. Hi! I really like your blog, but I noticed a problem. In the ticket booth, it costs 300 tickets, but you get 150 stars. Thanks for the help!

  9. what is the heart at the end? is it a treasure hunt piece? i never knew u had a treasure hunt, if i am right…. OwO

  10. Stella57705 said:

    Cool! Everything works thanks!

  11. Pinkstardustrockz said:

    Lol! Just RELISED this is a year later…..

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