The best fantage cheats 2015

®Rare Items®




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  1. um i hv 3 black gems. could u hlp me use them thru a cheat cuz im a non

  2. did we need to give money for member

  3. Wow cool. But, its 2013 so are those items still out there? And how did you make a blog like this, because I wanna make a blog and don’t know how 😦

    • They all are still available. It’ll take time to make a blog popular, you have to start with basic stuff like choosing a good name and a theme. One by one add new pages and update all the events news and think yourself don’t copy any one elses idea or the content. A few months your blog will be quite successful.

  4. OMG,,, i have ALL the non rare stuff…i wish fantage could make more rare non stuff

  5. Is there a way to get ecoins without paying for them

  6. I have all the rare items except the Red Shaggy Hair. I could get it right now but I don’t really feel like it…

  7. Ughhh, I just don’t think it’s fair. These are the reasons why:
    1. Fantage Membership is too expensive
    You still have to pay A LOT of real money to get premium membership but it just expires 😡
    I wish there some kind of cheat (without doing those effing surveys or downloads) for FREE fantage membership. I don’t like to hack because if you do that, the problem just gets much much worse.
    2. Problem with premium members
    I just hate all those proud and arrogant premium members walking around on Fantage.
    I even got bullied once by one of them! Just because you’re a premium member doesn’t mean that you could just walk around Fantage and bully people! These thing adds up to my problem.
    3. The difference between non-premium members and premium members
    It seems to me and maybe to a lot of you that non-premium members and premium member have such a HUGE difference! This includes the attitude and number of items and other stuff you get on Fantage.
    4. No complain replies from Fantage
    I once tried messaging Fantage complaining about the unfairness there is going on in Fantage. After weeks (and even months) of waiting (even until now), Fantage hasn’t replied to my complain yet. I guess Fantage was just too speechless to even reply to my complain.
    5. Hackers
    Some non-premium members are just jealous of premium members walking around on the streets of Fantage. Because of their jealousy, this causes them to HACK! I’m pretty sure that all the Fantagians who are victims of getting hacked are so pissed of right now. This includes my classmate, Angelica.
    6. eCoins on Fantage are also money and time wasters
    We all know that eCoins are like, the most important things on Fantage. That’s why we don’t want to waste any eCoins on Fantage (especially non-premium members). If we do, we don’t want to spend too much money buying some more eCoins or too much time trying to earn more.
    ~ a pissed of Raya

  8. fantage_gurl:) said:

    How do u change the profie pic?

  9. Are there combos for nons using rubies?

  10. The Bee Board (very popular at MyMall) is also for nons, even though it is 30R (30 rare points). There’s also this hair for guys called Hip Hop Hair that’s R8, and I’m pretty sure there’s a beta retired rare for that for girls. They’re just retired – can’t ever get them anymore.

  11. I really think its amazing

  12. i dident see the cheat?wait maby its in the video!

  13. I love this blog it helps

  14. And also u look nice

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