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♀Fantage Friend-Folio♀™

If you are having trouble making friends on Fantage, this guide will help you with all of the ins and outs of friendship on Fantage.

A Good Setting:

A lot of people on Fantage would sometimes find it weird if you just all of a sudden walked up to them and said “hi”. To avoid awkward meetings, try to find a location or setting where conversation would be casual. Places like: parties, Proms, clubs, and tryouts would be great places to make friends. An especially great place to make friends is when a tryout is over and you and someone else have not been chosen and was left out. That may be sad for both of you, but it creates a new chase for you to spring on your conversation. Here is an example:

You: Too bad we lost huh?

Other: Yeah, that totally wasn’t fair!

You: I agree. Wanna hang out at my plc?

Other: Sure!

(Add each other)

See? Now, you two or more can become friends because you both bonded over a mutual event. Parties are also a good, non-humiliating setting for you to make friends. This is the type of scenario where you can just walk up to a person and talk to them. If that feels too awkward for you, maybe try edging your way into a conversation based on what a person might be doing, saying, or feeling. For example:

(Person starts jumping a lot)

Others: Yay!

(You join them)

You: Yay!

(Jumping concludes)

Others: That was fun!

You: Yeah! Wanna hang out at Sea Breeze?

Others: Sure!

Then you two can start the road onto friendship. Make sure you have the right setting and time, and you will be great at making friends!

HINT: Holidays are a GREAT time to make friends. You can bond over the occasion.

 A Great Approach:

After you have a possible friend, or acquaintance, you need to appear friendly. Don’t talk all about you or be the only one talking. Make sure that they have say in the conversation as well. If they aren’t responding on purpose, ask them questions that require more than a simple“yes” or “no” or even ” I don’t know”. Make it a real question like: “What’s your favorite color?” The best way to know a person is to know what they like. On the rare occasion where the acquaintance might say “Just check my IDFone,” ask them a question that is just a bit more personal. Don’t go overboard and ask about their age or anything, but ask them what they like to do for fun, or a book they read. Continue the conversation until one of you guys have to go, or move your location. This is also the time where you add them!

 Keeping a Friend:

After having a conversation with them, you have to decide on the big question: Do I want them to be my friend? If you are uncertain, here are some questions that you may want to ask yourself after they have left:

1. Did they answer all of the questions I ask with accuracy? (a.k.a. not saying “I don’t know”)

2. Did they act nicely?

3. Did they appeal to my length of ‘talk time’? (The amount of time they spent talking compared to the amount of time that you spent talking)

That’s it. If all of them are yes, then they are a sure fire friend. If all no, then i suggest deleting them as a buddy and moving on. If they don’t ALL weigh to one side, them keep on having small talk until it DOES weigh to one side. (If you are okay with not following this, then it’s perfectly fine)

To insure that you keep your status of friends, treat them like actual friends. Invite them to go to your house, or meet up with them at the cafe. Note that it’s not your real house or an actual cafe, but the ones on Fantage. After all of that, you have friends!

 Hints, Tricks and Tips:

  • If they seem suspicious to you, I suggest moving on.
  • If they are mean to your other friends, move on.
  • Try to dress your best.
  • Never scream or shout. (Typing in caps isn’t recommended)
  • If they’re shy, try to keep the conversation on. If they’re too shy, try asking to invite some of their own friends to your conversation so they’ll feel more secure.
  • If they are blabbing on, try to talk as well!
  • If you greet a person, and they don’t seem to like you, just move on. Befriending will just anger them more.

 Alternatives to the Guide:

  • This is If you don’t like the method of friend making above:
  • Make friends with your original friend’s friends.
  • Try to get people from real life to play on Fantage and be friends with you.
  • Join whatever they are doing and hope to become friends.


I hope this helps you get friends on Fantage! Good Luck!

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  1. Lol aprsept, you used the pic where me, barbie2982 and you met up at ur house and changed into twins. I loved it when we changed into twins, it was so fun.

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    Say I invited chu!

  3. I like this page.

  4. Very nice page!

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