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✿Fantage Newbie’s Guide✿™

Are you new to Fantage? Don’t worry. This short guide will help you get a hold of the In’s and Out’s of Fantage. For more information, don’t forget to check out our Fantage Basics Pages.

Features to Look Out For:

As you read, here are some things to look out for while you do so:

  • Avoiding N00bies: This will be highlighted and will give you a hint as to what not to do so you won’t look helpless.
  • Bully Alerts: Warns you if the activity or action can cause, or is an effect of Bullying
  • Page Placement: Like product placement, this guide has some hidden “ads” that will notify you to visit a page on this blog for more info.


As soon as you start off Fantage, you will be given a choice of some free items. You can pick whichever one you like. N00bies Alert: If you wear these items, it makes you look like a Noobie. Someone who isn’t very liked because they are new to Fantage, has no clue of the social life, and like a “Super Non-Member” and not in a good way. But you can’t stick to an outfit and costume forever. You’ll need some good clothes.

The following are some of the popular clothes for non-members. It is indicated if one is fashionable or not.

(To Be Put In)

Social Life

(Bully Alert: If you don’t fully get the social life here, you can seriously be picked on)

If you are to make some friends on Fantage, then you’ll need to be able to talk in a way that people will understand. Here are some things that may be confusing to a newbie:

  • If you see someone say shoeS after every sentence, it’s called a TESTER WORD. There is no way for a person to tell you that on Fantage because the site won’t allow the words to show up. Tester words are words you type all capitolized like SHOES after every sentence. If it pops up as shoeS, then the person’s text will show up on Fantage for everyone else to see. If it is still SHOES, then it didn’t work and whatever they said didn’t show up. You cannot see their text if the tester word didn’t work. (Words like ‘helo’ and ‘grape’ are used as well, just not as commonly)
  • Acrynoms and emoticons will be used frequently. So get used to it. Note: emoticons like OwO and OnO are used to show emotions since colons ( : ) aren’t allowed.
  • Numbers don’t show up on Fantage so use your head and context clues. Sometimes, ‘tree’ is used for the number 3. So if someone says: “I have tree houses” they mean “I have three houses” unless they mean actual tree houses. It’s always good to ask questions.
  • If someone doesn’t reply for a long time, it means that they either said something that didn’t show up, or they are inactive.

For more information, visit the Fantage Smart Language Page.


   Fantage uses a currency called “Stars”. You can earn stars by playing games. You can play any game you want and           members can use stars to buy most everything. Some items, however, can be bought using stars only by members.

Ecoins   E-Coins allow you to buy anything, weather a member or not. You can buy coins using real money, OR you can earn them. There is usually a “Earn __ E-Coins” button on your screen when you log in. Click on it and scroll down. When you finish the video that will be playing, click the finish button and refresh your page. You should get your coins after that.

That is pretty much it. You can find everything you have questions about somewhere on this blog. Have Fun!

Comments on: "✿Fantage Newbie’s Guide✿™" (15)

  1. I think that this is a really good guide to Fantage!

  2. when i started vantage the first item i got was a vintage item. it was a dress for 10000 stars.
    if ur wondering how i got this it is really easy
    go onto mini quest into the tutorial section
    go through all the tutorials
    u will get 10000 stars and 2 gems
    go to vintage gold
    every day there will be a non member item for sale (they r really expensive)
    if the nonmember item costs 10000 stars ( and u like it) buy it.
    if u don’t like it or u don’t hav enough stars wait some more days until u get the item u want.

    this is y everyone thinks in a member (lol)
    try it out!

    • LOL let me say something, you can only do it once, and everyone should know it’s from vintage, no offence 🙂 I’m just saying.
      But I forgot I had to do those ;w; tutorials

    • And make some goals,
      here are mine:
      ღ Meowi’s ⌂FANTAGE⌂ Goals and Wishlistღ


      ……………………..~Stars Goals~……………………..

      ………….ツ1. Get 10,000+ stars✓(still having progress)
      ………….ツ2. Get 30,000+ stars
      ………….ツ3. Get enough stars to buy 2+ special items at Vintage

      ……………………..~The Notice Level~……………………..
      ………….♥1. Have 5 people notice me and add me (2/5)
      ………….♥2. Have 10 people notice me (0/0)
      ………….♥3. Have 30+ people notice me and add me

      ……………………..Awesome Items……………………..
      Have any kind of BB hair
      Have Autumn Hair✓
      Have Midnight Hair✓
      Have PBH
      Have Pink Kimomo✓
      Have Shaggy Pink hair BEFORE membership runs out
      Have black n’ white short shorts
      Have Healing Hands✓
      Have Puppy Leafs(furniture)
      Have Puppy leafs(board)✓

      ……………………..Luckiness Chart……………………..
      Try Lucky bot and get 900+ ecoins
      Win my item on Fantage Comet
      Win my item on Fantage Comet and get it as a real item


    • whee is this place?

  3. Thnx for this cuz I have a friend she is newbie in fantage, not a newbie she is in fantage from last year but doesnt plays daily.. And she needs guidence. thnx for help.

  4. Hmm I have a question… How do you get a banner Im new to making blogs..PLease help I have no idea what to do! :l

  5. 🍁ѕησωѕтσям • мαρℓєѕ🍁 said:

    One thing I hate about Fantage is how if you talk “liek this owo ouo ono shoeS awesome” people love you but if you talk with proper capitalisation, spelling, vocabulary more complex than “awesome”, “lame” ect. people completely ignore you. Anyway I think this is a pretty good guide, but I would really love to see the clothing section complete. Also on a side note, I’m not sure if it’s different in Fantage but I think you mean noob or newbie.

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