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☁How to host a tryout☁™

Tryouts are seen all over the place. They are most commonly help Downtown where all tryouts get the most attention. How do I host one? It’s easy! Follow the steps below and you will have a successful tryout held!

1. Be Prepared!

You want to check a couple of things to ensure that your tryout will run well. You may think they don’t matter, but they do.

Is your house locked or unlocked?

To unlock your house so everyone can go into it, click the “I” icon at the top right. It will say “OPTIONS! Who can enter your room?

You can choose, Everybody, Only My Buddies or Nobody. To allow everyone to enter your tryout, its best to select “Everyone”

What to wear?

Make sure to wear what suites your tryout. If your planning on being a 2 year old, hosting a ‘mwommy’ tryout then don’t wear a gymnast costume. You don’t need to dress your part, but honestly, the more “member” you look, the more likely people will attend your tryouts. It really boosts your attending numbers.

2. Advertise!

You need to tell people that you are having a tryout! Here’s how to do it

Go to a crowded location. 

Using the map, travel to any crowded scene. Downtown is your best chance of success. When you are there, try to get to the front of the screen or to a visible area where your text can be seen visibly. Don’t go on top of people who are also advertising their tryout. When you are at the front of the screen without being on top of someone who is also doing a tryout, go to the next step.

Call out.

Call out the name of your tryout. Copy what other people are doing by calling out ” (INSERT TRYOUT NAME) TRYOUTS MY PLCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCC .” Wait until the text has gone before saying it again. Make sure to say it at least a few times. Remember to give people a warning when you are leaving as well. Simply yell out “Last Call for (Insert Tryout)” and then “Bye!”.

3. Assign Roles

This depends on what kind of Tryout you are doing. A fair host would do first come first serve when it comes to movies and families, but don’t let that rule blind your common sense! There are tons of crazies out there, so just pick the first sane person that comes your way. It’s only fair.

You can also ask personality questions for BFF tryouts. It would be silly for any other tryouts. If what you’re hosting isn’t a commonly held event, you can run the show any way you like.

4. Announcing the winners

Once you have chosen the winners you need to tell them. You could say, “I’ll go to the winners house!” but that only works if the person you pick has their house open. You could also say ” THE WINNER IS…(INSERT NAME HERE.)” I

f the losers start to cry, you can say “good try” or ignore them (since they’re being so silly XP). The best way to do it is to just add the person as soon as you have selected them. Its just more convenient.

5. Finale

After that, you can do whatever you want with your new group!

Important Note: You don’t have to stick with your family/pet/BFF ect. It is completely acceptable to delete and find new people once you log out. It’s more variety and fun that way. This doesn’t work with Ones. Ones are forever until you give up on them.

An easier way to do this is just to delete them and move on. It’s common sense that if you don’t see them for an extended amount of time, then its time to move on. It allows for more variety as well.

Want more tryout tips? Check the Tryouts Pages!

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  1. uhh, that helped. But how do people keep on saying awesome awesome awesome awesome…..? It makes the whole bubble box larger!

  2. If you have to say awesome then you can use “Ughy” too. And no it’s not a glitch. That’s the Fantage chat system so when you type “Uqly, Ughy” it turns out to be awesome.

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