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~A Guide to the Comet~™

The Fantage Comet is a newspaper/magazine that tells you about all of the latest news on Fantage. If you don’t know how it all goes down, here is a breakdown of all you need to know about The Comet:


The Comet can be located at the upper Left region of your Fantage Screen. If you click on it, it will give you the full view of The Comet.

(p.s- Tell me if you like the divider? ~aprsept)

Page 1:-


This picture will explain the Cover. The cover page is usually covered with the latest news. usually about the new event. Now, the inside of The Comet is where the real info is

Page 2:-

First Page of the Comet

As you can clearly see, the first page of the Comet features what the latest event usually is. There aren’t many updates between events because there are very few gaps between events. On the first page, you can read all about what the latest event is and it sometimes tells you how to do things. Sometimes. That’s why Blogs like us post about these events in order to inform you about how to do things.

Page 3:-

Page Two of Comet

The second page of The Comet is where the slightly less important information are. Article 2 tells you about what else is new on Fantage. Its on the next page because it is not as important as the new event. Article 3 usually tells viewers about whats to come. As you can see, we are having  Hot Hair Balloon event soon. When the time comes, it will be moved to the front of the Comet.

Page 4:-

Reporter's Pics

The next two pages of The Comet are full of pictures that were taken about what the assignment was. It is usually unrelated to the new event and has to do with the old one. As you can see, this was about the Underwater event which has just past. Click on the pictures to enlarge them. They are handpicked by the Editor.

Page 5:-

Contest Front Tabs

The next few pages are all about Fantage contests. It tells you what this week’s theme is and also what categories there are. Click on each tab to see who won last time.

Page 6:-

Contest Writer's Winners

As you can see, these people won the Writer’s Den Contest.

Page 7:-

Voting for Fan Art and Comics

When you see the winners for fan Arts and comics, you will also see this sign. Click on it to view all of the comics and fan art everyone has submitted. Be warned, it will open a new window.

Page 8:-

Contest Submission Homepage

When you finish flipping through the winners, this will show up. you can click on each tab to see how to enter each contest. For Writer’s, you have to e-mail them what they want.

For Comics and Fan Art, you will have to go to a contest submission box at the next page.

Page 9:-

Featured member

After all of the Contest information, you will see this. it is called “Featured Member”. This is basically a way for Fantage to rub in our faces about how popular these people are. I’m surprised  Pinkstardust isn’t on there every week since she has the highest level but whatever. It usually gives them some information straight from their IDFone and the side usually says: They have all of the pets!

Page 10:-

Fun stuff Comet

On the Last page is a Fun Stuff area where you can get downloadables and printables. it doesn’t seem so fun to me because that would involve actually opening up my printer but you guys can try it if you want to!

Page 11:-

And finally, the back of the Comet is a Crossword Puzzle Game:

Crossword Comet

All you need to do is click on it to play. you do not earn any stars however.

That’s the entire Comet. I hope you have fun reading it. See you next time!


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  1. hannah2584 said:

    you know that page eight the person looks like a boy not a girl OwO

  2. ❀♥αωєѕσмєαмαzιηg1♥❀ said:

    This week the featured member in the Comet only had 62 pets…maybe they only have to have at least 60 pets…

  3. RainbowGlitterKitty said:

    Isn’t it also a app?

  4. min11s14 said:

    Hi my username is min11s14. Please add me and reply back. Wish i can meet youn at Fantage!

  5. hi on fantage I gotta question do u know the fantage turtle shape comet I wanna see what it does and can u pretty please tell me how thanks my user name is x wolfpup x

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