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♚Medals Guide♚™

Medals: You heard about them and you may even have them, but these awards confuse many people on Fantage. This easy guide on medals will surely help you get a grasp on what they really are and how a person can earn them on Fantage. Please understand that most medals are reserved for members only and that non-members have an inability to get credit for those medals.

What’s a Medal?

  • Medals are exactly what they are: awards given to a person for doing a specific task. There are many types of medals on Fantage. If you wish to explore them all, you have a medal handbook in your IDFone that explains them all quite clearly.

How to get Medals

  • This is the Fantage Medal Guide. It shows all of the medals you can get and how to get each and every one of them. It also tells you how many levels each medal can get up to!

You can level up medals?

Yes, you can! Each medal has a range of levels in which you can level them up! The more you do whatever is in the description, the more your medal will level up! For example, if you have a Fashion Show Judge medal, you can level it up by judging more shows! Therefore, your medal will level up. It may take more power to level up medals as you level them up, however. It can get very hard once you are close to the maximum level.

How do I even get to my medals?

You can access all of your medals through your IDFone. Here is a step by step how to:

  • First, click on yourself to see your IDFone.


  •  This bar will show up at the bottom of your screen. Click on the medals button to see all of your medals.

Medal Guide Homepage

Here contains all of your medals! If you have any blocked out, that means others cannot see them and you will not get the benefits of that medal. You must be a member in order to get full credit.

What do you mean by get credit? What do we get from medals?

Medals are the key to leveling up your Fantagian! The more medals you earn and the more you level up your medals, the higher your overall level will be! Most users on Fantage are impressed by high levels, and the top 10 people with the highest levels are in the Hall of Fame located in Uptown Fantage. You can become well known for being a very high level. Medals simply help you get the high levels overall. Higher levels allow you to get “Level Locked” items which are small kiosks located around Fantage that give you items based on your level! They are all free to members and only the first few are free to non-members. Some of these items look good, whereas others don’t. Still nice to have around for Fashion Shows.

That is all there is to know about medals! If you have any more questions, feel free to comment below and we will be sure to add them up here. Have fun leveling up!

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  1. If the medal is grey, so I still level up and keep the level but people just can’t see it?

  2. bee4bee said:

    Thanks for your medals guide!… If I became a member then I canceled it after 1 month, will I lose all the levels I gained from the Premium Member medals?

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