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♪Easy guide to win a fashion show♫™

Earn Stars

You need to earn stars to buy what you need. Ways to earn stars:

  • Complete the tutorials. You’ll get 10,000 stars and 2 gems once you’ve finished watching the tutorials.
  • Log in everyday. Once you’ve logged in for 7 days you’ll receive 350 stars.
  • Log in for a month. You’ll get 3,000 stars!
  • Play games.
  • Try your luck at the Daily spin.Try to get 1,000 stars.
  • Complete the Mini quests. You’ll get 13,000 stars in total.

For more tips on how to earn stars, click here.

Go shopping!

Once you have enough stars to shop, go to the stores and buy the items you want. Get the starter kit from top models.

Tip: Buy a set of items according to the theme. Also, try to find the lowest item to buy.

Get Rare items

Rare items helps too! You’ll get bonuses in fashion show.

Click here to see what you’ll get.


Go into Fashion show with the ‘very Easy’ button on it.

very easy

This means user in that room have very few items. Here’s a guide:


Follow the theme.

It is best to always follow the theme. You’ll get a higher score 🙂

Click this Link to view a complete chart of items according to the theme.


This is also important.Even though you got a very low score,you can still have a change to win others! well through posing.

Go behind the camera and mouse over the icon on the bottom of the screen. Make sure you choose the correct icon.

The Last Round

This round is different from the others. You will see a picture of a model and you have to try to copy it the best you can. Keep an eye on the model. See if there is anything you have.

Attend Events

Always attend events. They will always give out free prizes. Some of them might help .

Earn Ecoins

Earning ecoins will help you to buy member items. Once you’ve brought an item with ecoins it will never black-out. Meaning you can wear the item forever. Click here to learn how.

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  1. Helped a lot thanks!

  2. Tysm this really helped me and I leveled up really fast ty

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