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🌵The Correct Way To…🌴™

Reject a Person who is Asking you Out

If there is a person who wants to be your “one”, and you want to say no, here’s how to do it if you don’t want to hurt they’re feelings.

  1. Take a deep breath and prevent yourself from screaming NO WAY WEIRDO! At the person.
  2. Simply type the following: “Sorry, but no”
  3. If they ask why, say: “I’m just not into you like that” or “I already have a one…..” (not)

That’s how to do it! If it still hurts their feelings, then they are just a bit too sensitive. Come on, it’s not real love. That’s a whole other field.


Get to the Front of the Screen without People Yelling at You

Sometimes, when you get at the front of the screen, you block them. Then they sometimes scream in your face until you move. Here’s what to do so you won’t get yelled at as much.

  1. See exactly who is doing what. If there is a person doing a tryout, then don’t go in front of them. If you notice that some people aren’t moving, then it is probably best to go in front of THEM instead because they are most likely not active at the moment.
  2. Get to the front screen.
  3. If they say MOVE! Then it’s probably best to just apologize and move over to another spot. Its not THAT important.


Stop People from Yelling at You due to an Opinion/Fact

People may consider you falsely RUDE or MEAN based on simple Opinions or even FACTS! Well, they have their own opinion or are just dumb. Here’s how to handle this sticky situation.


  1. They will call you RUDE and MEAN. First thing to do is say: Well sorry, but thats my OPINION. We all have those
  2. Some people may back you up.
  3. Continue with usual business.


If you 100% for sure know that you are correct, then follow these steps:

  1. Double check that you are correct
  2. Say: yes, I AM right. Search it up
  3. Silently gloat at how great you are
  4. Continue with usual biz.


Avoid Causing Drama

Drama happens all of the time on Fantage and almost everywhere you look and see. Real life drama may take on a whole new situation, but Fantage drama is simple and easy to avoid because it’s a website for kids. All you need to do in order to avoid it is walk away whenever you see it. Here are some things that may cause some drama:

  • Opinions
  • Bullies
  • Drama Queens
  • Celebrities/Admins
  • Crybabies
  • Attention Seekers

Let’s focus on Opinions most of all. Opinions are often over expressed on Fantage and almost always leads into arguments. This person says this and then an argument is already in the making. How to avoid starting an Opinion-Related Argument? It’s simple. Don’t over-express or state serious opinions like weather a person is considered ‘pretty’ or not. Here are some serious and simple opinions:


  • Looks
  • Age
  • Smarts


  • Favorite color
  • Favorite food
  • Favorite animal

See what the difference is? Serious opinions can get someone’s feelings really hurt. I mean, would you be more insulted if a person called you ugly or if a person disliked your favorite color?

Now about those pesky little Drama Queens. They are always seeking the spotlight and trying to wreak as much havoc as possible. All you need to do to avoid him/her is to not take notice in anything she says. She’s bragging? Ignore. She’s calling names? Ignore. Then slowly, her power will drain because no one cares. All you need to do is not pay any attention to anything she says or does.


Keep it Real

Keeping it real is the most important thing about Fantage. Some people live and breathe through it as if they were actually living in Fantage and feeling what our characters feel. I call these people ‘Virtuals’ because they are trapped in their own little virtual world. Spotting a Virtual is easy. The person who gets the most upset, happiest, saddest, or most excited about any tiny little thing is a Virtual. They will scream their heads off or jump so many times you’ll feel dizzy just looking at it. It’s hard to get a Virtual to stop in the virtual world. but in real life, we have a bigger chance of pulling them back to us. I mean, who would you listen to more: A random person online or your trustworthy friends?

How do you make a Virtual, Normal again?

Simple. All you have to do is remind them of what the real purpose of living is: working hard to get a realistic goal! If you see a Virtual in their world, there is little to nothing you can do because they view you as just another game character. Their focus is in-game and will not listen to most things you say. In the real world, however, it’s a new playing field.

Where to talk to them?

Their online world is hopeless, so you have to turn to their home planet: Earth! But there are many, many, many gateways (aka, computers) on Earth and you have to get them where there will be little to now distractions. Some places include:

  • School. (just not in the computer lab)
  • The Park
  • The Mall
  • A Pool
  • Somewhere where there are no electronics

That way, their mind will be clear on something else and they might have a chance to see what non virtuals see.

What to say?

Tell them that they are spending too much time on something that isn’t important. Here’s what I would say:

You are just spending way too much time on this game. Don’t you see what’s happening? You are living there and not here. You aren’t focusing on what’s important. When you get older, you won’t even play this game anymore. Try to keep it real here.

Effective, yes no?


Avoid an Awkward Situation

Awkwardness can be really weird. You and your friends just stand there or at a party no one is talking. The best thing to do is to start doing something! You can start dancing or begin to talk to a friend. Anything that will get you moving. When people see that it’s okay, the awkwardness will break and they will do their own thing as well. Here are some cool ways to break the silence:

At a party-

  • Start dancing to the music!
  • Talk to a friends
  • Take a dip, if they have a pool
  • Change into a costume and start acting!
  • Eat something

With friends-

  • Go to the cafe
  • Attend a party
  • Go to the spa
  • Talk or chat
  • Catch up
  • Do a fashion show
  • Play a game
  • Eat
  • Shop

See? There are plenty of things you can do that will definitely break the ice. Just do anything that will make you happy, and start others to get moving!


Attend a Pool Party

Pool parties can be confusing. Everyone is in their swimsuits and chilling whereas you are alone and have no idea what to do. Its alright because I’m gonna show you the right way to slip into a pool party without humiliation.

Things you will need:

  • Swimsuit
  • Sandals
  • A beach themed board
  • A cool pair of shades (optional)
  • Dry suit (optional)

You obviously need a swimsuit to go to a pool party! That way, you can mingle where everyone else is: the water! If you don’ have one, then you’re gonna be criticized for swimming in a wet tee and shorts. You can easily get in and out of the water if you are in a swimsuit though!

Sandals are to keep it real. Pretend you are really at a pool party! You don’t walk around in sneakers now do you? Sandals are the chic and cool way to go!

A beach themed board is to complete your outfit. Why go beach and garden when you can be 100% surf’s up?

Shades are to add a cool effect and a dry suit is for if you want to change into a light outfit when you get out of the pool. That’s all you need!

After you have everything, it’s time to pool in! Go swimming or talk with friends. That’s all you need to do at a pool party!


Comments on: "🌵The Correct Way To…🌴™" (26)

  1. caro1726 said:

    usually if someone asks to be my one, I just pretend I’m not there or leave. It’s really annoying if people pester you.

    • Ikr…it gets very annoying sometimes. I change the server sometimes cause of those people. But nowadays not many people do this.

    • ikr im a member and people crowd me because i have a cool outfit or im on a relly high level and then boys say want to be my one and i know they just want to because im pretty you can tell because we never even met so i just pretend im on brb or i pretend i already have a one its an online game why do u need a one anyway

  2. Here’s a story: yesterday I met this girl, here username was Pepsi-something, she was a NEWBIE, and she was like “I’m way prettier then u.” I was like “wut” and she was like “I’m too pretty for you guys,” and I’m like “In your dreams, no offense, but your an ugly monster because you are bragging.” and then I walked away.

  3. Frostysis said:

    Or you could have just walked away in peace?

    • i do that all the time… some one was pretending to do be new to Fantage and was purposely ignoring ppl and said she did it by accident!!!!!!

  4. ,moonshinezodiac said:

    These are really good tips! 😉

  5. Omg, okay so i went downtown once and this girl was like ”why do people need wuns?” So i came up and sai ” IKR”. This other girl (btw i know none of these people)came up and said ”we can do whatever we want!”. I was like ”well if the person on the other side is a ”bad person”(ya know….)then thats your fault”.I learned my lesson when my wun deleted me for nothing. lol Who knows who he couldv’e been!

  6. Wuhns AKA UR BOYFRIEND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m to young for that junk. But sometimes, If im REALLY bored, I go to fund your wuhn. But I don’t really get one. xD

  7. Yeah you know how you guys say ppl act like fantage is real life. Ahem YOU GUYS DO like walk away! Go in a pool? Well i understand the spa but anywhere else? ONO

  8. My case a bit different.. whenever people asks that do you want to be my one .. I simply say “sure why not, lets hang out to resturant… then I run away……. 🙂

  9. lol I just go to whun tryouts cause like being askes questions sometimes I win sometimes I loose (omg I like I have like 15 whuns) I don’t take them seriously and anyway I wayyyyyyy to young to have a whun plus who needs whuns anyway theres just a drag lol

    • ikr! im 8! like its a virtual world! Who needs whuns! Seriosly, if I met the person who invented whuns on fantage, I would seriously punch him/her 1 million times right in their face! ( btw in my religion it is a huge sin to have whuns aka boyfriends)

  10. when someone asks me to be there whun i usally just walk away or just say ‘sorry but no’

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