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History Behind My Name!™

People ask me why did I keep my fantage account name aprsept?

So here’s the answer!

When I was in 5th I came to know about these virtual worlds. My sis and I really did’nt know the best one so we started creating a joint account in all of them.

But why aprsept?

My sis is born in september

I am in april


apr+ sept

the short forms= aprsept

My sis soon was busy with her 10th exams so she did’nt log in so often.

So I’m the only one who uses this account.

Comments on: "History Behind My Name!™" (47)

  1. icewhisker4 said:

    Hey! Nice website! I was born in September too! xP

  2. neat!! i like the history….i was born in Sept. too! apr+sept=aprsept but i think it is awesomefantagian+september=awesept IDK dont listen to me…i just usually spout nonsense….not on fantage though….!

  3. i was born on september 2 on 24th of september

  4. aprsept i cant create pages or approve comments please upgrade my worker rank so i can create page plz 🙂

  5. i don’t know how i did that

  6. Oh um aprsept, can you change my rank into editor? Pleease? I’m one of the workers who have been longer then pearlypea,taylor_swift is awesome, foreverball, lunaravanue, and more… You can count on me.. I promise NOT to delete your created pages and stuff like that.
    Thank you,

  7. Barbie2982 said:

    my name came from fourth grade my friend who was new loved barbies but moved this year so i dedicated my name to her. That’s my history and i don’t care who makes fun of my name.

  8. Princess_ JC said:

    The first time I know you, I keep spelling your name incorrect. Because It’s super hard, I go it like this aspert, arsept but now that I read this, I now know how to spell your name TuT


  9. civic_princess fan said:

    I was born October 17 !
    ~ civic_princessfan~

  10. civic_princess fan said:

  11. how do u change your username?!

  12. Marcyrockz123 said:

    how do u change user!? i wanna change mine soo bad!

  13. lunaravenue said:

    this is cool and very interesting

  14. I figured out that aprsept was April and September before I visited this page. LOL

  15. Wow! My sis birthday also September!
    I think I should make a fantage account called Octsept! HEHE. xD

  16. hey aprsept you inspired me to make A BLOG ITS CALLED amazing78 at BlogSpot

  17. thanks

  18. By the way you’re an inspiration to people everywhere. 😉

  19. Oh ya, one more thing EVERYTING IS AWSEOME LEGO THE MOVIE check it out!

  20. I knew it was april plus september combined 🙂

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