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Style up your P.M Gift™

Lots of people think that the gifts that Fantage gets Members monthly aren’t very nice looking. Here are some looks that you can try! More will be added as more PM Gifts come.

PM 1 

1. Schoolgirl Chic

PM 3 

2. Surfer Style

PM 4 

3. Autumn Approach


4. Lazy Sunday

Bad Angles

Sometimes, the items just simply don’t look good. It’s also good to have a sense of fashion when it comes to these things. Here are some items that won’t mix well, or simply don’t look good at all. It’s up to you to decide:

Do Not Mix 1 Do Not Mix 2 Do Not Mix 3

See what the last two outfits have in common? They’re all what I call “Full Body Stars”. AKA: They wear too much of the free gifts. Some of them don’t even match or look good. You want to see how the shapes look on your character and see how the colors compare with the others.

Here are some good examples if you decide to throw in more than one Gift Item:

Can Mix 1 Can Mix 2

See how it all fits into a color scheme and it lets in a little variety? Try it!

Definition of The Gift

Some people can really mistaken the definition of a PM Gift. Like the ones below

Premium Member Gift; Noun(Pre-mi-um-mem-ber-gif-t)

  • A symbol of the fact that one has membership and has the right to flaunt it ✘
  • A necessary part of being a member✘
  • A stylish gift meant for Fantage to flaunt the benefits of Membership. (AKA. A hidden Ad) ✔

Excessively wearing it doesn’t mean you are any better, or even seem better than anyone else. In fact, if you wear to much of it, it can make you look the opposite! The gifts are just another way for Fantage to bribe people into submitting into buying membership. It is used for some items, but shouldn’t be used in large quantities.

If there was a Warning Label it would look like:


Use it wisely!

~ That’s all for now, check back soon for more fashion! Also, make sure to comment any ideas for outfits!

Comments on: "Style up your P.M Gift™" (8)

  1. nice

  2. wish i was a pm

  3. Lol I agree. Some non mems won’t even friend me anymore because I was a mem for a long time so I have some pretty nice fantage clothes. Guess they think I’ll automatically say no or something 😦

  4. AWWW! that’s sad, ) :

  5. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! This helped a lot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are so awesome!!!

  6. I lost mai member ship now you make me feel jelly 😦

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