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Trade ‘n’ Sell Refunds

You can now refund your item prices! Max is 10 items.


Click on these signs ->


You can refund any of the items you purchased with e-coins and stars.


You can now start refunding!


Trade N’ Sell V.S Vintage

Hey! I don’t know what to do and I’m so bored. So I decide to do a voting game, Which do you like better? Vintage or Trade N’ Sell? I prefer Vintage more because the clothes are so awesome, i don’t like Le Shop that much because of it’s clothes. But Vintage shop is full of member clothes, I don’t know actually. Trade N’ Sell is quite awesome at the first day because the clothes are still cheap but now I’m kinda hatin’ it because of Scamming, Hacking and Expensive prizes. Which are always in the news. So I kinda vote for Vintage :))