The best fantage cheats 2015


1. There are sometimes little ads on the side of your screen that read “Earn __ ECOINS!!” Click on it, and watch the ad. Then, get the e-coins!

2. Log in everyday the 1st week and win 700 ecoins.

3. Invite friends and get a lot of e-coins! You get 100 coins every time they play for 1 hour for the first time and if they get membership, you get 1,000 e-coins for inviting them!

4. You can also click on your idfone and select earn e-coins, you can watch ads and earn 10-25 ecoins.

5. Download fantage apps on your tablets, ipads and iphone’s. You can earn earn e-coins by playing those. Click to learn about fantage apps.

These are all the ways in which you can earn e-coins.

Comments on: "ⒺE-coinsⒺ" (37)

  1. thanx

  2. Anjoo😝 said:

    Just a quick correction : you can earn upto 2000 eCoins by inviting a friend (I just invite myself and then play for one hour on the invited account ).

    • thats good of u

    • I do the same

    • well, i know a cheat but I havent tried it before… needs download and antivirus….google search “Fantage Beta Update Download”…….then when you downloaded it successfully, you can open that in ur desktop or laptop or wherever u downloaded it and just type ur fantage username….password….the amount of ecoins you want….yes or no in free membership….how many days do you wanna be a member…..and the level u want….after filling it up,,press “hack It”…..i dont know if this will work coz im just gonna do it….by the way arpsept ur blog is so nice….its full of glitches and secrets and tips that i never knew before…thx very much…ur blog is a big BIG help to all of us…

    • sweetiecookies said:

      me too !

  3. well,i like the websight but u keep say under or over or ANYWHERE- fantage cheats by aprsept.i know this is related to the page but i want u to know that EVERYONE that goes on know that your on ur website, so please fix tht! ._.

  4. hehe did some on it wrong

  5. i ment saying on top part, and isnt on second sorry

  6. i invite a freind and after one hour i get 100 ecoins!!!!!!!!

  7. hey here is a another cheat:
    1.make a new account and log in it every day until the sixth day.
    2.on the sixth day your fake account should get about like 700 ecoins. something really cheap like umbrella moodie with ECOINS in your REAL account.
    4.put the moodie in trade’n’sell and post it for 700 ecoins. it in your fake account!!!

  8. hey aprsept i really really wanna be your friend on fantage!

  9. aprsept I rely want you to be my buddie

  10. hey i dont want to make ecoins with making new accounts and loging in for a week tell me a chaet that give me ecoins because i want adorable baby dress but its only for priemmember s and i m very poor i cant save money plzzzzzzzz tell me cheat only one

    • You need to make new fantage accounts and when they ask who referred you to fantage you should put the real accounts name, you will get ecoins on your main account.

  11. free working fantage said:

    free fantage non mem user: faith16709 password : lolgirl1 WORKS NO BAND

  12. clariseano said:

    Easy cheat!

  13. i wish there was a way for more ecoins

  14. That’s is not a hack or a cheat though its just so REDICULIOUS what ever DUH !! :b

  15. Thnx 🙂

  16. ChubbyRainbowUnicorn!! said:

    i need ecoins!

  17. Hi aprsept! i think i NEED! ecoins!!!!!!!!! PS im dying to meet u on FANTAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. LOL!

  19. Heeeeeeeeeeeerrreghygdgij

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