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≈Take a Hint≈™

Sometimes on Fantage, people often do things and others don’t respond correctly right away. Now, I realize that there is no true ‘correct’ way of responding to an action, but there is the nicest way. Here is a list of things you can do when you are stuck in a certain situation:

If a person says ‘Get off!’ or ‘Please move!’ then you should:

You must be blocking them from whatever they are doing if they are even doing anything at all. The best thing you should do is to move over and try not to cover anyone else.

If you are blocking someone else and they yell at you, just stand your ground until they ask nicely. Otherwise, how will they learn? It’s like the old trick of getting someone to say ‘please’.

When someone virtually kicks or does something mean to you, then you should:

They must be pretty angry or desperate in order to do something like that. The best way to respond to this is to tell them that they are acting silly and move on no matter how many times they ‘K!X’ you or whatever.

When a person asks for help on an obvious thing, then you should:

That person has to be a newbie on Fantage if they don’t get something as obvious as a tryout on Fantage. In rare cases, they must have been on Fantage a long time ago and took a long period of absence. They will be exposed to a new type of social life and have no clue to what is going on. (That’s what happened to me. Back then, there weren’t any ones. They were known as pd’s) Your best move is to help them.

When a person tries to act better than everyone else:

This is one of the hardest things to solve on Fantage and the key thing to remember here is communication is key! The best thing you can do in this type of situation is to try to convince everyone to ignore that big bully and silently try to show her up. Here are the steps to breaking down that tyrant:

  • Dress your very best!
  • Convince people to ignore her
  • Tell her to stop being a bully
  • Walk away in an awesome fashion

That’s it! Step 2 is often the most difficult. Here are some words that will actually show on Fantage and make people listen:

  • Just ignore her everyone
  • Don’t mind her
  • Your just giving her the attention she wants
  • Try to ignore her

Basically do everything in your power to get everyone to ignore the bully. If you can’t just let them embarrass themselves in front of Fantage. You did your best.

When a person blocks you:

If they are blocking you, then it is really rude if you just yell “GET OFF!” in their face. (Or behind their face). Instead, you should use gentler words like “Excuse me, could you please move?” or maybe “You are blocking me. Could you please move?” Which sounds nicer? Which would you rather listen to?

When someone is trying to scam you:

Well, there’s no actual nice way to do this. Just letting you know.

So, someone’s trying to scam you, eh?

The best thing you can do here, is kindly say no to any offer. Then,warn everyone about the scammer. Don’t write some gibberish or anything like that. I’m sure the word ‘scam’ isn’t banned on Fantage and will show so stop saying weird things like ‘skm’ or ‘sjjjjjjjjjjjjjcajjjjjm’ Simply state, in capitol letters, “THERE IS A SCAMMER HERE!’ “THEY’RE USERNAME IS ___________” Now everyone will know.

Please make sure they are 100% Scammer before doing this.

More Tips Soon!


Comments on: "≈Take a Hint≈™" (7)

  1. same with me about being on fantage a period ago they were pds i kinda miss old fantage, People wouldnt judge if they mem or not sigh

  2. flowergirl said:

    i have a cheat do the daily q every day and you will level up

  3. i feel sorry for the new ppl when a men or some one who has been playing 4 ages says “GET OFF ME” and they start a massive argument. i just walk away i h8 getting involed with stuff.

  4. i h8 it when ppl say “Did it show?” and I’m like: “What r u trying to say to me???” stop giving hints and JUST SAY WAT U WANT TO SAY!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Sometimes words on Fantage don’t show, so they ask to make sure that people understood because it can be important. For example, did you know the word “bed” can’t show on Fantage?

  5. I know why people will tell you move because theye might be doing a mission so u have to move to see if theres anything they can use in the mission because u might be standing on it but still ppl can just say excuse me instead of GET OUT OF MY WAY OR MOVE

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