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My name is Sugarvee29, and I’m the header artist here.
Here are some info about me 😉


Color : Blue, Sky blue, dark blue, baby blue, turqoise blue A.K.A every kind of blue
Food : Burgers, Waffle, Chocolate cookies
Animal : Owls and Reindeers
Weather : Snowy
Subject : Arts


Color : lever and umber (both are brown types)
Food : anything that spicy
Animal : MOUSE. I just hate mouse.
Holiday : O_O i dont know. none.
Weather : TOO windy and TOO hot
Subject : History

Facts about me:

  1. I’m bad at sports but I like some of them
  2. When I grow up I wanna be director or scientist
  3. I like to craft.
  4. I have a youtube channel its Sugarvee LN my videos aren’t much but soon it will :>
  5. I love making stories

Comments on: ":)Sugarvee29:)" (7)

  1. Your a header artist? Well, did you do the header xD cuz if you did AWESOME!

  2. hey is it okay if can be a blogger on this too I have a lot of input? plus this is barely active and id like to contribute to making it more successful again

  3. Vincente Ventu said:

    Wazzup 2020, you still active?

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