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💻Blogging Help💻

How to add a subpage on your blog?

1. On the side of every page when you are creating or editing it , there is a little box titles” Page Attributes” Go to that area now.

2. Find the area titled “Parent” in the box. It should be right under the title. Do you see how it says (no parent)? Click on it and it will list every single page that you have published, whether it is private or not.

3. Click on the page that you want the page you are editing to fall under. For example:

You want a page titled “About Me” to fall under the page of “About”. Click on (no parent) and you scroll to see where the “About” page is listed. You click on it.

4. When you click on it, the (no parent) should be turned into whatever the page name you clicked on. All you need to do now is Click the “Publish or Update” button.

Especially for Spectrum theme:

1. Go to the dashboard

2. Click on appearance ~> menus


3. Add pages from the left corner (by ticking them and clicking on add).

4. Click and drag the boxes (page name) below the main page. (Rules below Xat Chat)


5. Drag and leave little space from the left (as a subpage) ~ there’ll be lines showing where to drag.

6. And your done…..



Checkout the video, view in HD.

How to Make a Sticky Post?

Sticky posts are posts that will stick to the top of your page no matter what. You may have multiple sticky posts. To make a sticky post, follow the below steps in order to get your post to stick to the top of your homepage:

1.  Before publishing a post, you’ll see that the “Publish” button is in a box that is titled “Publish”. There will be a column called :Visibility” there.  Click the edit button next to it.

How to Make a Sticky01

2.  You will have 3 options for the post: Public, Private, or Password Protected. To make your post stick, select “Public”.

3. A check-box will then appear. It will read: “Stick this post to the front of this page”. To make it a sticky, check the box.

4. Once you publish your post, it will be a sticky. You can come back and make it not stick any time you want to.

How to add a contact form to post/page?

  1. Click on the button below the title…see picture11
  2. You can add new fields and remove some, you can tick some things as required and do the changes by clicking on the field and clicking on edit.


How to get the whose amung us widget?!?

(1) Go to the whos amung us site to get the HTML (non-javacript) code you require for the button.
(2) Customize the button color and font color to suit your blog prior to copying the code.
(3) Log into your WordPress blog and go to -> Dashboard ->Appearance -> Widgets
(4) Drag a Text Widget out of the Available Widgets box and drop it into in the sidebar box in the position you want it to appear in the sidebar.
(5) In the larger space below the title for the Text widget paste in the code you copied.
(6) Click “Save Changes”.

How to Reblog?

Click on the title of the post.


On the top, there will be a black bar, click on the reblog option.


That’s it!

How to take a screenshot?

Click here!

How to make a recolour?

Click here for the site!

How to Manage Employees/Users?

First Step: Go to your Dashboard and then go to Users–>Add New or All Users

From All Users, you can see everyone you have hired so far, your pending requests, and all of your acceptances. You can remove users from there as well. Just check the boxes of whom you want to fire, then go down to <Bulk Actions>. Click it and select Remove and then hit Apply

From Add New, you can add new workers from there! Type in their email or username and then select a role for them. You can add a special message if you want, but it isn’t required. After you have got everything filled out, you can just hit <Send Invitation>

Any more questions?? Feel free to comment below!

Comments on: "💻Blogging Help💻" (62)

  1. Thanks! But there’s a problem.Whenever I hover the mouse the Page, the subpages don’t show up underneath.

  2. I just asked this question yesterday and now there’s a whole new page about it.I feel so guilty. xD This Page is helpful but I already searched online and I found out how. Thanks Luna, you’ve been so helpful these days.

  3. the sub pages wont show for me even one time if i had specturm

  4. When I hover over the page none of the sub-pages go under it. Please Help!

  5. Spectrum Theme
    Same as yours 😦

    • I think you should change your theme or follow the steps for spectrum theme given on the page. After your done press update and make sure its updated and a small text appears which says your menu has been updated.

  6. i changed my theme 🙂

  7. Thanks a lot aprsept! It helps me a lot I’ve been wondering how to do a sticky post for a while. Also you know the “My friends” on the sidebar. How do you do it? I have the spectrum theme but I just don’t know how to do it and I want to do it. Can you help me? BTW I LOVE YOUR BLOG! And thanks so much for helping me with the blogging when I e-mailed you about the header. I just can’t figure things out for myself.

  8. Aprsept I need help again (I’m so sorry 😦 ) you know when you show up to your blog an adress comes up (everyone knows that) you see a little logo on the side, how do you do that?

    • ♒ Titania Heartfilia ♒ said:

      Hello. This is not Aprsept, this is a worker in Aprsept’s blog. I can help you (:

      1. Go to Dashboard
      2. Settings (General)
      3. You can see at the side a big square saying ”Blog picture/icon”
      4. Click ”Choose File” then a folder would pop up and click the image you’re going to use for your blog icon/logo.
      5. Crop.

      Then you’re done! It would take a few minutes to show up (: Hope I helped you.

  9. How do u put (moving) banners?

  10. thx that really helped! 🙂

  11. I need your help again xD
    When you make a contact form and someone sends you the form how do you read it?

  12. How Do u add headers???
    Im having trouble doing it with the header Aprsept made for me ( Thx btw)

  13. The adding subpages didn’t work for me…..

  14. The method is incorrect. I did both ways on spectrum and twenty ten themes. 0/4 times it worked.’

  15. hey aprsept I am really really really stuck I started wordpress yesterday and I kept putting posts but they are not showing , what can I do to make it neat and the whole world can see it ?

    – yours truly zing78

    • You’re putting posts so that means they should be seen, did you click ‘post’ after that? Making it neat, you basically have to write and simple as you can, more of info and less of other stuff in it. And don’t add much colors and bold the text, that looks messy. If you start following this and post regularly,I’m sure your blog will get some traffic.

  16. LOOK i rlly love your blog and also i did use spectrum theme and i also made menu but it says that only supports one menu and i cant make a cool one like yours so can u help me to make menu sry not menu menus… how can we make menus plzzzzzzzzzzz help me

    • Go to appearance menus> create a menu> add pages from the left side. If you still didn’t understand, you can inform me. I’ll make a video explaining it all on my YouTube channel.

  17. Thnxand Plzzz make a video for me…and really I am a big fan of YOU xD

  18. I think you can make a video about how to make menus and put it in your blog…many bloggers can be a great help.

  19. Aprsept did you make the video?

  20. Thnx I’m working on it.

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