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Trade N sell + other stuff

Trade N’ sell is so annoying, everyone denies my offers .-. . Plus my Kawaiis hair keeps going missing, I had 3, then 2, then 1! Plus fantage keeps glitching me out, I press deny and it accepts. Should I speak to fantage? I’m having a very stressed time ( I became a member on zzmeowzz ) I should have stayed as a non. Also, I have my member for 12 months :O. 

Another 12 months of pain, even though I’m hoping to get something like Frisky! That will never happen, I don’t have any good items! I might post about my inventory soon. I made a video on youtube about it to! It’s kind of embarrassing. Ugh, and fantage is so rude as well. Where do these people get it from? People are young in fantage! They don’t want to see such rude stuff! Fantage should monitor every word a fantagian says!

~ A very stressed Amy