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✤VIP Room Features✤™


So all the non-members may be wondering, What are the new features for the Premium Members VIP Lounge? Well, this page will tell you all about them! Click on the stairs at the fashion show.


This is the overview of the VIP room.

1. Zoe’s Fashion  Consulting!


So fantage introduced a new character: Zoe. She is the fashion consultor.


You have to select any 1 color, 1 style or color & style together. Then click on rate my fashion to see how much you’d score wearing that outfit at the fashion show.


It takes a few seconds for Zoe to rate.


She then predicts that you’d get ___ rank with the outfit.

2. All access dressing rooms


The next is the…All Access Dressing Room.


This is just like the the vintage voting system. You’re supposed to select the release date, month, year, type and then click on search.


It will search the results according to the info you put.


Click on the item and click on try on.


Tada…!!!! You can try out EVERYTHING here!

3. Bodyguard Info


Click on this sign which says Bodyguard Info.


A lot of the people were confused with what the bodyguards were about and which type do we get when you score a particular score.


It doesn’t depend on the score though. This board shows the bodyguards available.


If a bodyguard is protecting someone you would get another one. Simple as that. They are just randomly selected!

4. Exclusive free VIP items


The last thing…The free items.


You get items according to the style themes! Click on get all to perform well in those themes.

Those are all the Premium Advantages!


Comments on: "✤VIP Room Features✤™" (11)

  1. Ekkkk I want those outfits So so SO cute!!!!

  2. prettymeme75 said:

    Are you a member now?

  3. If your membership expires do the outfits expire too?

  4. when I waz non I waz like dying to go in there but now that I a mem its not really that cool and I hardly go in there only to check on bodyguards

  5. Plz I want to be a member plzz!zzZz

  6. quiero ser socia como ago

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