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~Tryout Fashions~™

Every single type of tryout has their own “looks” that can clearly weigh your chances. For most tryouts, you don’t really need to dress up for anything, it’s just what you can call “casual wear”.

Family Tryouts

If you want to be any of the following, it is appropriate to wear “casual wear”

  • Mom
  • Dad
  • Big Sister
  • Middle Sister
  • Big Brother
  • Middle Brother
  • Any aunts/cousins/uncles that aren’t considered to be a “toddler” or “baby”.

For Toddlers or Babies, costumes like the ones below are acceptable. Items such as cribs, teddy bears, toys and small objects are encouraged, but not necessary to win.

Baby 1 Baby 2

These are considered “Baby Outfits”. If you are wearing these and aiming for Little Sister at a Family Tryout, you are most likely going to get selected.

Rich Family Tryouts are another story. Baby outfits should be the same for these, but “casual wear” is no longer acceptable. Try something more glamorous like the ones below.

Rich 1 Rich 2 Rich 3

If you wore these in real life, then you would look like you have a lot of money. So just pretend like you’re dressing for a formal occasion.

Movie Tryouts

Depending on what your role is, you need to have different looks. Here are a few to try for the most common roles in all types of movies.

1. New Girl

New Girl

2. Nerd


3. Pop


4. Monster


5. Royalty


6. Maid


7. Teacher


Pet Tryouts

For these, just dress up like a believable animal. You can get a costume from the store, or hopefully that really cool Cat Limited Item thing! Check these out for an idea of what animal you might want to be:

1. Chicken

Animal 1 - Copy

2. Egg Chick

Animal 2 - Copy

3. Gummy Bear…?

Animal 3

Those pretty much sum up all of the tryouts. If we’ve missed any, please do comment below and we will add it. 

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  1. You should do a section on ‘wun’ tryouts

  2. U should try miss fantage

  3. wolfgirl6410 said:

    copycat??? why did u do that other me? nvm it id fine…

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