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💄Fashion Tips!💄™

On this page I will be giving fashion tips about the things people should wear on fantage

What to wear on fantage and what not to



  1. Your dress, hair, accesories & board should always match (Colour & Design)
  2. The dress matches the hat
  3. The board matches the rose on the hat.


  1. Whatever you wear should be related to each other like this leopard print top with this cat or whatever (I am sure its from the cat family)
  2. It should complement each other
  3. If you are wearing a skirt put on long hair (Short hair look  😦 )


  1. If you want a retro look completely follow it and if you want a babyish look do the same. Mixing both will  not look good.


  1. If you wanna look like a racer (or) want a bold kind of look you can add the following things
  • Racer Car
  • Fire
  • Black colored things


  1. You can even try wearing things like your favourite celebrity, I tried to dress like perrie edwards from little mix.



  1. The lantern does’nt even match the dress
  2. The specks and the hair does’nt make the look ‘funky’ but it makes it look stupid!
  3. The bike makes the look ‘odd’


  1. The shark with the gown makes the person look stupid. (Shark- a funky or an animal theme & Gown- for a royal look)
  2. The board does’nt suite the dress
  3. You can see that nothing matches the other


  1. If you are following a snowy theme then what are shorts doing in the look
  2. The helmet makes the look historical and the bow makes it look colourful and patterned. (The mixture makes it look bad)


  1. There’s nothing bad as such in the look but the things don’t match the others
  2. The outfit is really plain and the colours are really dull


So I have given you tips on what to wear and what not to, follow those tips so that you can look the best!

(p.s.  people will even add you)

Comments on: "💄Fashion Tips!💄™" (26)

  1. QueenBee_ said:


  2. ♦Snow_Crystal♦ said:

    Thanks for the Tip!

  3. Can I make a page like this? I will give you credits and I will not take any pictures from it. Promise!

  4. Lol I’m a mem on fantage and I always wear stylish outfits and heaps of ppl add meh

  5. I always see ppl wearing stuff like that. (The bad pics)
    It makes them look so weird, and other ppl r like “whose that weirdo over there”
    Then I feel bad for them, u r really helping ppl
    Great idea 🙂

  6. Barbie2982 said:

    I always noticed when did what this page does i have been added my ALOT of people. im nearly full that may never get to add u.

  7. I’ve been doing this since FOREVER

  8. lunaravenue said:

    Great tips!

  9. emma74124 said:

    that was awsome tips i like to have a funkey look like Cece on shake it up she inspiers me

  10. So I’m like, I see people wear the WHAT NOT TO WEAR stuff on Fantage and other people are like, “oh my gosh, she’s such a weirdo! Haha”
    This page helps people who have no sense of fashion A LOT!

  11. i was member last year and i saw this blog so i click it and then i found the first in whats to wear so i wear it all the time bout now im not a member im a non member

  12. hermione0922 said:

    Thanks! I told this to my BFF( who is terrible with style) and she looked awesome in no time!

  13. You should put (don’t be afraid to go for a little glam) A popular outfit of mine is the red carpet board, oh so sylish dress, sleek black heels, elegant dark blonde hair and heart pin. It sounds weird but it looks really good.

  14. Oooooooo, I like the last one of ‘ what to wear ‘. Just…FABULOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. SweetStylin said:

    It’s pretty basic stuff here, obviously match the clothes by colour and stuff, but the first outfit, that dress with the board does not work, since the dress is flowy and the board goes out, it does not work, I’m not trying to be mean btw, just my personal opinion. The things not to wear, well DUH! Nobody’s that stupid to wear a shark hat with a dress. like seriously, get a fashion sense person! O_o

    • SweetStylin said:

      For the board, if you give it just a plain straight one that has purple or pink or something, (can’t remember pick well typing this O_o) it would probably look really good.
      -Sweetstylin ❤

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