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A very fairy feast

It has to be about fairies for Thanksgiving, huh Fantage?

Anyway, the “A Very Fairy Feast” event is out now!


Get TomTom for a limited time! (TomTom is the turkey pet)


Of course, as always, the limited items.


Use the special items for Fairy Flight and Tree Trouble to help you with bonuses!


Play the minigames to earn tickets…


But also get fruit to fill the cornucopia at the castle!


Close to 100,000!

Note: It’s weird, the lower the fruit deposited, the less items nons will get! It’s usually the other way around…

Here is a map of Fantage showing where everything is:


Fairy Flight is located at Mt. Fantage:


How to play:


Tree Trouble is located at the forest:


How to play:


And last but not least, the cornucopia at the castle:


Thanks for reading, and have a happy Thanksgiving!


Halloween 2013 Zombie Invasion, Now released!


The zombie Invasion Event has released!


As soon as I logged in I noticed this weird thing. I just scrolled and it said

Gizmo made this force field to protect Uptown!

Pretty cool right! Click on the world to see it from top, its located at downtown and uptown.


Click for the event Info!


The only thing released now is the game “Zombie Escape”. The other fun activities will come soon!


Play the movie!


Some shots. Click to watch ->


And of course, there are limited items!


I prefer the package 2, what about you? Oh..wait? Did I rhyme? Yes, I did. 😛


Head over to the carnival, to play Zombie Escape.

How to play Zombie Escape?


Click on this hut. (Um..hut? I don’t know)


Join a room!


How to play? So basically the only thing to do is just dodge the zombies… Scroll for tips


That’s the way they come! Pretty freakin’ right?


You get tokens when we escape the zombies!

Tips to Escape the Zombies:-

  1. The only thing you have to do is fly up where the eliminated participants are standing. And you can survive as zombies don’t come there. Don’t know how to fly? Click here ->


The prizes, they are awesome and quite cheap!

Thats it for today’s releases! Check back for more updates tomorrow. Please reblog this post and sure you inform me of new tricks and tips! Comment of you have any questions.

Have fun ~aprsept

Autumn Festival 2013 is here! Released In Fantage

The autumn festival’s released?

So what’s new? What to do?


They have’nt released much stuff, the only think to do is take pics in different places.


Of course there’s the limited items….and don’t forget to buy the extra item which is for non members. Isn’t it so cute? An Owl!


Click to see your photos and the list of places to click a pic at!


The other places are locked now, so basically I suggest logging in on 21st and taking all the pics and doing the activities. There’s not much to do in this event.

Have fun!

Hope you found it helpful and please leave a comment if you have any questions.


Chocolate Challenge Event! Fantage Events 2013

Things in purple are added by aprsept.




9/20 – FRIDAY!!!!


Event Info


The limited items


Head to the carnival


How to play?


We get fantage tickets! Yay


I won!


Don’t forget to take a dip in the chocolate fountain.

9/23 – MONDAY


Can’t wait!!



Mini game coming soon!

Catch the cookie if you can.

~aprsept & athomas342013

New Homes+ Medals


Cool New Homes are released! Fantage has also added new levels for collecting homes. Awesome right! A new way to level up.



Back to School Event! Fantage Cheats 2013

Back to School has come to Fantage! Here’s all the things that are taking place right now:

Back 2 School Info

Lots to do! First, you can help the teacher by doing everything on the to-do list below. You will win stars, prizes, and a medal for doing so! Replay them to get more stars.

Back 2 School To do List

To play them, click on each game. They are pretty simple, but if you want to review them, comment below!

What’s school without the bus? There is a stop Downtown. Click on the bus to ride it. It will read this:

Back 2 School Bus

Click yes to go on.

You can play the game “Simon Says”. All you have to do is do the action that Simon tells you to do. Be careful. Get it wrong, and the bus will automatically drop you off at the school!

Back 2 School Games and Win!

Play these games to win a furniture item for your home! You don’t even have to win!

There is a new category for you to play in Off the Hook as well! It’s Pop Culture. That means: Movies, T.V Shows, Books, and that kind of stuff. Songs too!

Back 2 School Limiteds

Last, but not least, are the Limited Items. Don’t they look better than usual?

Not a lot for this event. I’ll see you soon!


Back To School ~ Coming Soon


A new event is coming to Fantage! Coming in Thursday, September 5, 2013. I hope they have more good new limiteds and free items for non-members. Well, Check back the blog on Thursday. Bye!


gossip girl

Fantage Easter Party


Here is all the information! Just so many fun things to do. Isn’t it just great?

And the stamp book! If you are a non member, you don’t get the medal. Just thought you should know!


And, who could forget the limited items!! Save up those ecoins and stars and get going. I bet these are going to be a big hit.


User-insprired items are now released. Who do like the best? Comment!


You can get prizes when you invite people! Hurry and invite your friends!


You better hurry and get cotton! One of the most cutest holiday pets! In addition, you get a special costume for hatching her!


Fashion show prizes! Depending on how many times you win, you get a prize! There are prizes for non members too! How thoughtful!

Easter on Fantage

ImageThese are the instructions for the Easter Event on Fantage! There is a mini-game where you paint Easter eggs. Simply choose the colors and designs. When done, press done. Check out all of the new items too! New user items came out as well. I love the rainbow hair above! Just like on Valentines day, a new Cotton costume is out for the users. Also keep an eye out for eggs. They are bright, glowing, and colorful so they cannot be hard to miss. Also, if you invite a lot of friends, you can win these prizes. This works a lot like the Charity event we had a while back.


Cool right? Let’s try to get to 10,000 invites to get those prizes!

The Cotton Outfit looks like this:Image

There are also prizes for winning five and ten fashion shows!


Happy Easter!

St Patrick’s Day Event Fantage (Going to release) 2013

st patrick's day

St Patrick’s Day Event is going to release this Thursday!

I am super exited for it, what about you all?

I can’t beleive that St Patrick’s day arrived so soon…

From this poster I think that we are gonna get free furniture items!!!

Waiting for the release and you all wait for the cheats