The best fantage cheats 2015


Non members

  1.  If you are a member (non) of fantage for many months each month you will gain a level!
  2. Train your pets by playing pet games.
  3. 1st mission for non members.
  4. Take care of pets ,only 2 😦
  5. Do the mini quests.
  6.  Login in the pet academy everyday to level up.
  7.  Each fantage party has a medal. Some of them are for non mems.
  8. Do the know it all stuff. It is in the mini quest.
  9.  Daily quest- you can level up each day if you have gained enough points.
  10.  Go to oroin and unlock rare items to gain levels.
  11. Play secret adventure.
  12.  Donate in parties
  13.  Invite a friend.
  14. You can also catch Seahorses Underwater!

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  1. figure_skater11 said:



  2. Rizzyvon said:


  3. This I tried all of it I didn’t get any levels!!!😡😡

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