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👜Fantage Stores and Shops👜™

Fantage has a ton of stores and shops where you can buy things. Here is a list of all them them with a description of who runs it and what they sell. Enjoy my guide!


Le Shop:

le shop

This store is one of the most popular stores in all of Fantage. Le Shop has the hottest trends on Fantage, but sometimes, the designers don’t do too good of a job. A lot of Fantagians said that they prefer old trends to the new ones. Maybe Fantage, needs to work just a little bit harder on their fashion statements.

Run by: Michelle

Location: Downtown

Stellar Salon:

stellar saloon

This is a store right next to Le Shop where you can buy hairs. Not really like an actual salon. You can choose from many styles in all sorts of colors at the salon. Not surprisingly, most of the hairs are blonde colored. The hairs, like Fantage’s fashions, are starting to head downhill. There is also a Make-Up area run by the owner’s sister. You can buy make-up there. Not very popular.

Run by: Stella (hair) and Bella (makeup)

Location: Downtown

Jester’s Costume Shop:

jester shop

As a master of disguise, the NPC who runs this place is totally crazy for costumes! You can find almost any job, mythical creature, or random character here. However, they do not have Unicorn costumes. The popularity of costumes have always remained pretty mediocre.

Run by: Jester

Location: Uptown

Loco Boards:

board shop

Hover-boards are one of Fantage’s most popular items. No one can go on without one and they come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. Non-Members are often limited to one shape, but the pretty colors never fail them! Members can enjoy pretty styles, animation, and even bursts of lights. Popularity would be high and winning it!

Run by: Michael

Location: Uptown

High Tide:

high tide

One of the newer stores on Fantage, this Island shop sells a ton of beachwear and Underwater items! Quite a popular place to shop if you ask me. They sell everything from costumes to boards and clothing. The one thing they don’t sell? Hairs. A major popularity decrease.

Run by: Ellie

Location: The Island

IDFone Shop: 

id fone shop

All people on Fantage have IDFones! So why keep them boring and white? This shop sells covers, backgrounds, sticker pages, and stickers! You can buy them all to add a splash of color to your IDFones so people won’t think of you as a Plain Jane. However, all new Covers, Backgrounds, and Sticker Pages are limited to members only.

Run by: Static

Location: Uptown

Super Power Shop:

super power shop

The fairies need rescuing in Secret Adventure! Can’t help them? Are you not a good player? Don’t worry! This shop sells Super Powers to help you gain extra abilities in the game and a fashionable look in Fantage life! Be warned though, and choose wisely. They do not come cheap.

Run by: Gizmo

Location: Downtown

Ottoman’s Furniture:

furniture shop

Fantagians need to have homes right? Is your house looking boring? Need some colors and furniture? Ottoman’s has it all! From beds, sofa’s, eats, and even footstools! It will surely make you look like a proud Fantagian. They even have outdoor and gardening furniture!

Run by: Clara

Location: Uptown

Sun Block:

Sunblock shop

Unhappy with your skin tone or eyes? Don’t worry, Sun Block will give you a new tan and some new eyes! They have tons of choices and you can change it any time you want. Some special eyes are for paying members only but Non-Members can change their eyes too! Skin tones are for everyone as well!

Run by: Kawaii

Location: Beach

Castle Relators:


Need a bigger and more personalized home? Go to Castle Relators! They will suit you up with a new house! Big and small, silly or neat, they have it all! Only members can actually change their home though. Don’t worry non-members, there is a huge e-coins discount!

Run by: Elizabeth

Location: Castle

Desert Jewel:


Having trouble with cards? GO to Desert Jewel to buy more ! Then you’ll really be a Card Quest master!

Run by: Raj

Location: Oasis

Creature Shop:

creature shop

Sells creatures for you so you can go into the Creature Arena

Run by: Rex

Location: Creature Area

Pet Shop:

pet shop

The pet shop will sell really cute cuties and crazies that you can hatch. Then, you’ll have a little guy of your very own that you can walk, feed, and play with!

Run by: Maurice 

Location: Pet Town

Acting Academy:


Need help with your acting skills? Want to shoot a real movie? No problem! The Acting Academy sells tons of costumes that will help you improve your acting skills. They also look super nice you on outside of the Academy!

Run by: Zack

Location: Fantage School

R.I.P ~Trade and Sell:


The most popular Fantage Shop of all time. It replaced the Vintage Shop (which stinks). As popular as it is, it created tons of new problems such as scamming and stealing. It is full of ridiculous prices and makes everything and everyone unhappy or at least jealous. Still super popular and a good place to buy other’s junk or jewels.

Run by: Victoria

Location: Uptown

Vintage Gold:


Vintage is back! This shop sells old retired or limited items that you can’t get in any other stores. Prices are cheaper than they ever were at the Trade and Sell, and it gives everyone a fairer chance to get the items they desire.

Run by: Victoria

Location: Uptown

That’s all the Shops on Fantage! Bye!

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  1. isn’t the trade and sell ran by Victoria?

  2. how do u take the screen shots?

    • oh thats easy you can either press the button on the keyboard in the top edge tht says ‘prt screen’ (if tht did not work press ‘fn’ function button on the bottom left edge and ‘prt screen’)that should work or try lightshot which can be downloaded from the google store

  3. ☯✶prettymeme75✶☯ said:

    The furniture shop. You forgot, LOL!

  4. In Le shop, they haven’t changed the clothes since FEBUARY! And I miss TNS. And, BTW, I DO change my Idfone.

  5. Fantagesandy said:

    Trade n sell was cheaper than Vintage….

  6. Boo we don’t have that in fantage anymore well some building

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