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Snowman Showdown 2014: Event Released!

Snowman Showdown Event 2014 has released!

So lets see who will win? A Mechanical or A Magical

This Event doesn’t have any parts!


Now Released!


Click on this for the event Info!


Who makes the better snowman? Go to the carnival to help out!


Click to see the event movie!


The winner will be announced in the movie on 20th Jan 2014!


There are limited items too! Click on it to check them out!


The special item’s isn’t that great, but the winter package’s items are worth buying!


Go to the carnival and help out Orion and Gizmo.


Who do you want to help? You can choose any of them, the steps are the same.


Click on the snow to catch it! You would still move on to the other step if you catch a few or no snow flakes, but you would’nt het enough tickets.


Click on it! If you miss snowflakes the snow would be seen piled up on the ground.


Move your mouse in circular motions.


It makes you practise it in the correct direction before you start.




Keep clicking to add details on the snowman.

The finished snowman's.

The finished snowman’s.

Gizmo’s AND Orion’s Snowmans!


Get your tickets!


After earning trade them at the ticket booth for prizes!


Only 1 item for non-members, the shoes. But nons can get the medal for 6000 tickets. Earning tickets can be hard this time, cause making snowman’s gives to 1- 40 stars only.

Who do you think will win? Orion or Gizmo! Tell me in the comments.

That’s it for the event



Hello! My name is Taylor_Swift_Is_Awesome, or TSIA for short. Most call me Taylor, but I don’t mind if you call me Irena619 because that’s my Fantage username. I am a nonmember on Fantage, but I am an ecoined non. As you can probably tell by now, I AM A HUGE SWIFTIE!! Taylor Swift is just the most amazing person I have ever seen. (Yes, I have seen her in person, she is so awesome)
My favorite colors are Red and Blue. I LOVE LOVE LOVE NOODLES, and other than Fantage, I also play Club Penguin, Moshi Monsters, and Minecraft. My youtube channel is I upload FMVs and tutorials. I have been playing the piano for 5 years, I am a competitive swimmer on a swim team, and I am a competitive figure skater as well. Yes, I am an Asian, and I am 10-12 years old. I have been blogging since February and I have my own blog as well.
My best subjects in school are math and reading. I am a what kids at my school call a “Tech-Whiz”. I am really good in technology, I type 75 WPM, (Really high compared to my classmates) and I like to just sit in my room and listen to Taylor Swift songs.
I hope you have enjoyed reading about me, and I hope you enjoy this blog!

Sorry Aprsept! Please Read!

Hey Aprspet! I’m sorry because I’m not going to post much because I’m going to add more pages on my blog and keep updated. But I will still update and post so much. I mean not daily, it’s like 2 or 3 times a day. I’m also working on the page ”Incredible Kid” and my hands are still aching for writing that very long page. Also I will not be active in June because I’m going to school and need to focus on my studies. That’s all, Bye!