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💻Apps on Fantage💻™

If you have an Apple Product or any type of App Downloading device, you can get Fantage Apps. Some allow you to earn big amounts of E-Coins an others let you earn stars by playing games. Here is a run down of all of the Apps Fantage has. Made by me, (Luna).


iPhone Screenshot 1

This App is great for earning large amounts of stars and is a very fun and addicting game to play. You can also earn E-Coins by watching short 30 second videos. At the end, you have to option to transfer what you have made (stars and coins) into your Fantage account. This is where the problems starts. If you read some of the comments on the App Store, tons of people say that they can no longer transfer their currencies. It happened to me too. Now I have a bunch of stars and coins just sitting there. Transfer while you can guys because unless the app is fixed, you cannot transfer your stars or coins sooner or later.

Fantage IDFone:

iPhone Screenshot 2

This is an old app which allows you to view you IDFone from your real phone or IPad. It also gives you the option to earn some E-Coins but it is mostly full of offers that you need to pay for. It is also based off of the OLD IDFone layout. Not the new one.

Wild Runner:

iPhone Screenshot 2

This is another game app that is great for earning stars. There isn’t any bugs in this one so you will be able to transfer your stars freely. You cannot earn coins on this one. The object of the game is to make sure that Snowball doesn’t fall off the edge of multiple settings while trying to defeat a boss at the same time.

Fish Fish:

iPhone Screenshot 5

You know the game on Fantage and it is pretty much the best way to earn stars. There is a PAID extension. Do not buy it because it’s a waste of money.

Super Go Cart 1 and 2:

iPhone Screenshot 2

They both involve simply switching lanes in order to not crash. That’s pretty mych the entire concept. Not a very good game to earn any stars or coins in my opinion.

What’s That Word?:

iPhone Screenshot 2

This is a multiplayer game. Just try to guess what to other person is trying to say. The other person cannot real the word but here is a cheat: You can put periods or commas between the words like this: h.e.l.l.o

This is a good way to earn stars and for earning coins too! No glitch on this either.

Squeaky Shoe:

This is not a very good game. Its not exactly made by Fantage either. Squeaky Shoe is another rip-off of Flappy Bird.

To play, just keep on tapping the screen to get the shoe through numerous pipes/obstacles. Pretty simple.

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  1. Oh fantage even has apps?

  2. Thanks for letting me know!

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