The best fantage cheats 2015


Members- It is really easy for members to gain levels.

  1.  Solve missions. In some missions we get 10 levels at a time.
  2.  If you are a member of fantage for many months each month you will gain a level!
  3.  Train your pets by playing pet games.
  4.  Take care of all pets.
  5.  Do the mini quests.
  6.  Login in the pet academy everyday to level up.
  7.  Each fantage party has a medal. Gain those medals to level up.
  8.  Become a reporter and report!
  9.  Do the “know it all stuff.” It is in the mini quest.
  10.  Daily quest- you can level up each day if you have gained enough points.
  11.  Top scores in games will also gain you a level.
  12.  Participate and judge fashion shows.
  13.  Go to Orion and unlock rare items to gain levels.
  14.  The more longer you are a premuim member you will get more levels from the premuim member medal.
  15.  Give stickers and get stickers.
  16.  Find pet treats everyday.
  17.  Go to a party and destroy a pinata!
  18.  Take a pet for a walk.
  19.  Buy all the holiday pet eggs.
  20.  Go to press room.
  21.  Play secret adventure.
  22.  Donate in parties.
  23.  Solve missions to get a medal and gain levels.
  24.  Invite a friend.
  25. Catch Seahorses Underwater!

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