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☁How Likely are You to Win a Tryout☁™

I’m sure its safe to assume that hundred, possibly thousands of Fantagians attend tryouts daily. Some win more often than others. Some might barely win at all. By what gives a person the “it factor” that makes them so favorable to win a tryout?

Looks are Everything

It might be unpleasant to hear, but if you only had a few seconds to decide who to pick, are you going with the silliest looking person or the best looking person? In a tryout, the host literally only has a few seconds to pick someone for any role at all. In only a few seconds, the host can’t possibly know everyone’s personalities. Looks are pretty much the only thing they can make a judgement on besides timing. But most hosts base off who is first, either that or who is best dressed for the part.

So what looks are good exactly? That depends on your fashion sense. The basic things are here though. You aren’t gonna get picked if you look like a newbie. You aren’t going to get picked if you mix-dress the wrong way. Here are some basic things to know.


Downfall 1This hair, although very popular among non-members is the worst possible hair to wear at a tryout. You probably won’t get chosen. The same goes for ANY starter stuff. Like White and Orange Board or those costumes and outfits you first get when you sign up on Fantage. They show that you are a newbie and therefore, people will think that you don’t know anything, and therefore, you won’t get chosen. Easy as ABC.

Mix-Dressing is also another thing. I’m sure we can all agree that non-member stuff usually don’t look as good as member items. Mixing the two can result in only two thing:

  1. Fabulous
  2. Utter Chaos

Non-members mixing it up usually leads to the latter result. For example:

Downfall 2

No matter what people try, not even member items look good with that hair. Once again, a downfall!

Downfall 3

There is too much on her face, that skirt doesn’t match anything else, and her boots leave her legs at a weird angle. The board doesn’t fit any of it either.

Now, some good examples include:

Uphill 1

The only thing member about this is are the shorts. Everything else is for non-members. It all fits with a color scheme and the board brings a pop.

Uphill 2

The dress was one only members could get directly from Fantage. It fits with the hair and everything else well. All other things are non-member items.

See how big of an impact the right mixing can do?

These looks can bring a lot of change into your outcome.

Another factor is when you have a fair host. That fair host is probably gonna pick the one who goes first, so no matter what you are wearing, always pay attention. If the host comes in and you aren’t looking, your whole chance could be blown. Do not EVER take your eyes off that screen at a tryout. Be the first, and you could be it!

Hope this helps you win a tryout someday!

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Comments on: "☁How Likely are You to Win a Tryout☁™" (7)

  1. And never ever wear the free items when you get an account. It makes you look like a newbie.

    • Thanks for the tip!

    • you know when you first start Fantage you get 1100 coins (I’m a nonmember). on my old account i spent them on some dress that did not go with any of my hair. so i made a new account and planned it all out from the start.

      P.S: my new account is: isayhi63 look out for me!.

  2. here’s a tip::::::
    when u go to a tryout and they ask what your favourite colour is, plzzzzzzzzzzz don’t look at their IDfone to see what it is, if u wanna win just be yourself. 🙂

    • Yea. Like, no one EVER is that specific. Like, are you gonna write Pumpkin Orange on a quiz or Orange. Specifics mean that they’re cheating.

      • ikr always at whun tryouts when the person says ‘WHAT MAI FAVE COLOR?!’ everybody says the same thing but for me I say like ‘GREEN’ or ‘PURPLE’ but before he askes the question he changes the color and then everybody gets it wrong :/

  3. OMG!!! So true!!!

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