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I’m really sorry. I’ve been inactive like for 2 months. I know its really annoying that I don’t post for a long time, then come back saying I’m sorry. But I really am. I can’t focus on blogging as my exams are gonna start on 18th. Then I have tests…and in short ill be free during Christmas. The blog is not updated and we skipped 2 events too. I’m glad that we still get viewers. I’m going to hire any authors cause when I do they hardly post for a month than quit. I really can’t blame them because they have their own blogs to take care of and are also busy. If you all want to suggest a solution for this please comment and inform me. I might delete this blog, or think of something else. I have’nt checked my mails yet so if you have mailed me, i’m really sorry for keeping you waiting. 


Umm..Which sounds better?

This poll is set or only 1 time voting. 

So I need to decide which one sounds better. I personally added ‘Style Up Your P.M. Gift’ but an editor has insisted to keep it as her original name ‘Premuim member gift fashion*’. So which one has higher votes will be put up. As I don’t wanna argue with the person or I am trying to prove her wrong. (something…) So please take a second to vote. I don’t want the person to think that I am trying to change everything she does.

Thanks a lot for voting.


*Note from becca: This poll doesn’t really matter anymore, I was in a grumpy, tired mood yesterday and that’s why I wasn’t willing to co – opperate. We can call it Pump/Style up your P.M Gift, it does sound better.


Uhh…Fantage Event!!

I seriously hate all the fantage events. They are like 5 times a month! They just last for 4 days and another event starts on. I think fantage should plan out and event, design good limiteds and fun games for the event. There like 5 mins of stuff to do. The scavenger hunts are really easy and some don’t even have them. The only thing is watching the movie, buying limiteds (which are a waste), and earning a medal (which afterwards come to know that its for members!!!) Please comment if you agree, I am planning to contact them about this.



Mem/Rare Page Password Hint

I haven’t sent a hint from so many days, so here’s it…


Sorry you missed it because you are not a follower, follow now so that you don’t miss the upcoming hints.

I have..

Green, Red, Blue and Yellow Battle Tee. What is it worth? Thanks!


gossip girl

Help me!

I need a member account to do it D:

Look, I will give you a non-member almost beta item if you help me transfer!

I won’t hack, I promise! I have Melanie’s password (at the past cuz’ she changed her password in the hacking thing), she has PB! Did I hacked it? No. I got no reason to, dude!

Please, help me!


gossip girl

Page Ideas?!?

I need page ideas, please fill the form if you have one.


Premium Member Gift

Premium Member Gift for September ~



At the Hall Of Fame, Pinkstardust was spotted wearing the Premium Member Gift for girls! Hmm, Is Pink changing? Or maybe somebody different is using her account? Good question.


gossip girl


Mhm, I don’t like it anymore. I’m selling it for the same price as at the Limited Item’s Cart. Help me. Please buy it, Thanks!






Back to School Event! Fantage Cheats 2013

Back to School has come to Fantage! Here’s all the things that are taking place right now:

Back 2 School Info

Lots to do! First, you can help the teacher by doing everything on the to-do list below. You will win stars, prizes, and a medal for doing so! Replay them to get more stars.

Back 2 School To do List

To play them, click on each game. They are pretty simple, but if you want to review them, comment below!

What’s school without the bus? There is a stop Downtown. Click on the bus to ride it. It will read this:

Back 2 School Bus

Click yes to go on.

You can play the game “Simon Says”. All you have to do is do the action that Simon tells you to do. Be careful. Get it wrong, and the bus will automatically drop you off at the school!

Back 2 School Games and Win!

Play these games to win a furniture item for your home! You don’t even have to win!

There is a new category for you to play in Off the Hook as well! It’s Pop Culture. That means: Movies, T.V Shows, Books, and that kind of stuff. Songs too!

Back 2 School Limiteds

Last, but not least, are the Limited Items. Don’t they look better than usual?

Not a lot for this event. I’ll see you soon!