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✴Fly on the walls✴™

How to Fly In Different Places


Method#1 works in

  • Shops 
  • Fashion Show
  • Star Cafe



Click anywhere in the air.


Switch it to the other screen size.


Click back, anywhere in the air.

For the star cafe window :

1. Go all the way toward the window. Like as close as possible. I mean it. Really close.

2. Check which screen size you are on. When you’re really close to the window, click the opposite screen size.

3. As fast as possible, click outside the window.

4. Viola! You are outside.

Here are some notes to remember:

-You can’t really talk outside the window. The wall will block it out!

-You can’t get back inside after you are out. To exit, simply click on the door or the exit and re-enter.

-If you fail, just try again. Remember that speed and extreme mouse clicking skills are needed for this. Or at least intermediate mouse clicking skills.

Have fun on the other side!

Did’nt work?:-

Its takes time to do that but keep on trying! Click again and again in the air and enlarge and make the screen smaller again. You’ll be able to do it. It’ll take time for the 1st time but next time onwards it’ll be easier.

Method#2 (For Sun block only):-

You do not have to do that at Sunblock! All you need to do is go to the DNA chamber farthest from the exit, close the door, and click on the ceiling. That’s it! Hope you find this helpful!

Happy Flying!

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  1. Thanks! The trade n sell really helped! I already knew sunblock though.

  2. For your website how do you do the dropdowns on the top of your page?

  3. OMG THX DIS SITE ROOOOCKZ!! ( EX kitty face 4 u) U AWESUMM.

  4. u can’t really fly now since they updated the toolbar

  5. the tab way is better though, at least for me, it’s not that complicated

  6. Hey! Aren’t you on another blog, aprsept?

  7. This shouldn’t be trademarked, lots of blogs have pages on how to do this.

  8. Omg! You are awesome! your blog is way better then mine. I will never get any views…

  9. Hai! Your blog is wonderful and helpful.OMG it rythms.I think

  10. you can go back in the cafe if you do the same thing but opposite

  11. this is my [its not that great]=[

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