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≡Blogging Tips≡

Blogging Help:

Here are some tips to help you get started with your blogging! Comment if you have any questions and I will try my best to answer them here:

-Know what you are talking about:

If you aren’t informed about the topic that you are talking about, then people won’t take you seriously. You have to make sure that you are informed about the topic so that you can help your readers understand. After all, if you don’t get it, how can you help others understand?

-Be organized:

It may sound like writing an essay, but if your information is all over the place, no one will be able to understand what you are exactly talking about. Try using bullet points, and titles to help organize your thoughts properly. it wouldn’t hurt to pre-plan either. Organize your topics and people will get your point!

-Don’t fight when you can be right:

This is a saying that I came up with. When you encounter an annoying person in your comments who are totally immature and wrong about their opinion, don’t fight them. Prove them wrong by giving them a list of facts. Or, to fix the entire problem, just don’t approve their comments.

-One vs. Ton:

Each blog needs a good admin. Admin not admins! One to two is enough when it comes to admins. Any more than that and there could be backstabbing!!!  Your blog can be deleted and your blog could turn out to be completely changed. One to two is perfectly fine.

-Picture Perfect:

Using pictures is a great way to explain your key points! For example, during an event, using images would be way easier to explain how to do things! Some things, however, are better off without pictures.

-Plentiful Pages:

You can’t survive running a blog without having a few pages. They are like categories for your blog. It’s where you can’t explain things in just one post. To create a page, go to Dashboard-Pages-and then Add New Page. A page is where you can organize bigger ideas and thoughts like subjects.

-Post Often:

If you don’t post, then your followers won’t know when to check up on your blog. Make sure to post at least once a week so your followers can see what your latest thoughts are!

-Superb Staff:

Staffing show just how awesome your blog is. If you have a lousy staff, you most likely have a bad blog. Your staff needs to post often and do what they are told to. Here are some characteristics of a good staff:

  • Posts a lot
  • Does what they are told to do
  • Checks up on your blog often
  • Does everything they can to contribute

There can be some bad staff members. Here are some character traits that they might have if they are being a bad staff member:

  • Never posts
  • Posts about unrelated things
  • Posts only about things that will benefit only them
  • Is never on

As you can see, your staff can either greatly help or ruin your blogs status.

-Staff Pressure:

Staff pressure is a lot like peer pressure. If your staff is pushing you to do something that you don’t really want to do, then you shouldn’t do it. If they are doing it to help the blog, however, then you should totally listen to them! It can sometimes help you, but the decision is all up to you.

-Firing and Hiring:

If your staff is acting like they’re just doing it for fame, fortune, or respect, then you should let them go. (Don’t say that you’re firing them, just give them a warning and if they don’t listen, then you ‘let them go’) Firing sound like you’re actually firing them from an important job. It will make them feel bad. Here are some steps to ‘fire’ someone perfectly:

  1. Give them a warning: “Please don’t do _____ or else I’ll have no choice but to release you”
  2. Watch their behavior and put them to do tasks to see if they do it: “Hey, can you please do ________? Thanks!” *Jumps behind bushes with binoculars*
  3. If they really are bad, then lightly keep your word from step one: “I’m sorry _____, but I’m going to have to let you go”

This usually works. Note that there isn’t really a nice way to fire someone, so if this hurt their feelings, then it’s natural.

-Use Colors:

Use colors & dividers for your pages.


Which one do you think will grab anyone’s attention, of course the 2nd one!

For example you are writing that my ‘fav color is black’, you don’t have to write a 200 page paragraph telling them about it. Add pics, colors so it will grab your viewers attention. Bold the main points so they can have a glance and understand what the para is about.


-It’s a Blog, Not a Disco Ball

Unless your blog is all about bright lights and flashy colors, it’s straining when viewers have to read blogs with big, bright, and bold colors. The background should be in the back, not up in one’s face. It should also support the layout theme and not give readers a hard time to make out the words. colors should not be used everywhere. Ever hear the expression: “Back to Black”? Sometimes, it needs to be used. Especially when it comes to writing long paragraphs with labels. (See above image)


Sometimes, it’s necessary to listen to your workers and not think that you need to tell them what to do. If they think something might not be totally straightforward, then you might need to check it out and see it for yourself. You might have to count on your opinion, but other’s ideas are sometimes right too. And it’s especially important NOT to yell or scold viewers because that is only lowering your own blog’s reputation. They can simply unfollow with a click of a mouse. It’s not hard to lose viewers, but it’s very hard to get them back. Make each view, follower, and like count because it all contributes to your blog’s unique features.

-Not Your Blog

A lot of people try to do what everyone does in real life: Compare themselves to others, and that just so happens to be what blogs always seem to do. They compare themselves with the best, or at least better blogs and make themselves feel like they absolutely need to be better because it’s just in human nature. Well it’s not your problem to be like them because they have that one thing that, even if you copy it and get away with it, they got it first, and can do it better. If you add something extraordinary and special to your blog, then your views will go up. So stop comparing, and start re-thinking.

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  1. ♒ Princess Jc ♒ said:

    Can I make a page like this?

  2. lol i love the bla bla bla part 🙂

  3. Hi Aprsept! It’s me again, March xD! So I was wondering if I could use your OOTD idea for my blog too? I think your the one who started this idea so I was wondering If I could use it too :mrgreen:! It’s ok if you say no.

  4. Never posts

    Is never on
    Thats PolleeAwesome when I hired her.

  5. hey 🙂 im in love with your blog!!! its great!!! i just wanted to ask a few questions cause im new to blogging :/
    1) how do you put colors in your blogs?
    2) how do you get those sparkly page dividers?
    please let me know 🙂 thanks

    • Thanks!
      1) For the colors, do you want me to tell you about coloring font or about the headers & backgrounds?
      2) Go to our page called helpful websites, there’s a section called glitter graphics, click on the link and get the glittered dividers+ glittered pics.
      Hope I helped!

  6. aprsept, your blog is very inspiring. You have inspired me to create my own blog. You have helped me with these pages. I would like to thank you for all of your hard work creating this blog.

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