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Oh My Gosh!

Hi guys its me so whats the word?I got great news! So here we go…….. I was just checking out the Fantagecheatsbyaprsept blog’s stats when I saw this!


I could not believe my eyes Fantagecheatsbyaprsept had more that 700 views a day wow!

I think we should all thank mainly aprsept and the other co-owners and workers for making this blog  successful and I really want to give a round or applause for all those who spent hours for making this blog successful,As a token of reward I will advertise this blog using banners and hire people on fantage for advertising and make banners and headers for each month and season and make this the best blog,Once again I Thank everyone……….

If you are willing to join in this project just put this * for the ones you are going to do.

Ex. Me: 1.I want to advertise on fantage!

You: 1.*

So it will make it easier for you to answer them all ok here are the things which are available if you are interested in any of them please put the * and the ones you don’t want to do just leave it blank

1.I want to make banners!

2.I want to make headers!

3.I want to advertise on fantage!

4.I want to share my ideas on the ideas page!

so here they are and if you are willing to do any of them just comment below and you might be wondering if I’m crediting you but the answer if no because i want to see the love you have for fantagecheatsbyaprsept and aprsept for making this blog for you guys to have a good time,you know what some people are busy even though they come on fantagecheatsbyaprsept to make you guys happy just think of it and you will know why……………………


Comments on: "Oh My Gosh!" (5)

  1. OakRose11 said:

    Can I advertise on Fantage?

  2. sure Its your choice and you can advertise anytime you want

  3. Hi

  4. Oky

  5. Hi

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