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❣50 Facts About Me❣™

I have never seen this on any other blog so if I see this or something related to this or people writing facts and stuff about them then you will have to credit me!


  1. I’m in grade 10, as of 2015. (I quit blogging)
  2. I don’t really like oranges & vegetables.
  3. My favourite place to eat is Nandos, Mcdonals, Papa Johns.
  4. I am an asian.
  5. I can draw and paint well.
  6. I am scared of insects and animals, I freak out even when I see a dog.
  7. I love meeting all you viewers on fantage and adding you all.
  8. I don’t swear a lot.
  9. I have a elder sister.
  10. I know a lot of people who play fantage in real life. We used to hang out and actually meet up at places before the blog was started. Now they think fantage is silly.
  11. I hate people who talk like this ‘ OMGZZZZ’ ‘TuT’ cum teh’s t’morrow. I like to spell words properly. That is whenever I’m talking to a person it takes me alot of time to reply.
  12. I love junk food. (Pizza is bae)
  13. Before blogging I had a youtube channel but closed it down.
  14. I never thought of creating a blog. I visited fudgyswirls cheats and thought of just giving a try. After I created the blog I went for a vacations for 2 months.
  15. I love One direction, Maroon 5, Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez, The Script, Imagine Dragons, 5 seconds of summer, Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus, Jacob Whitesides, Fifth Harmony, Beyonce, Rihanna, Elle Goulding, Kelly Clarkson, The Wanted, Ed Sheeran, Iggy Azalea, God the list goes on.
  16. 4 years ago I did’nt know how to even switch on the laptop. (I was 9)
  17. I am always lazy.
  18. The 1st and the only concert I’ve been to is a One Direction concert. It was amazing.
  19. I used to play pottermore. I am in slytherin.
  20. I hate Nutella. (Please don’t kill me)
  21. I hate people who copy & then act oblivious.
  22. I over think a lot.
  23. I’m really anxious.
  24. I have dark brown hair, and light brown (hazelish) eyes.
  25. I love playing badminton.
  26. I am hydrophobic, so I can’t swim.
  27. I love reading!
  28. I can’t sing & dance to save my life.
  29. I’m a very reserved person. I’ts hard for me to mingle with people.
  30. I shop at H&M, Splash, New Look, Aeropostale, Forever 21.
  31. I love youtube, my favourites are Joe Sugg, Caspar Lee, Bethany Mota, Zoella, Evelina, Mylifeaseva, Maybaby etc.
  32. I don’t fall asleep quickly, even when I’m really tired.
  33. I love Francisco Lachowski, Behati Prinsloo, Barbara Palvin, Luke Hemmings. *insert hearts*
  34. I am petite.
  35. I love Chicken. 😛
  36. My favourite colours are black, red, white, blue & gold.
  37. I am thought to spell color as colour, and favorite as favourite.
  38. My birthday is on 15th April 2015.
  39. I hate studying, but manage to get good marks.
  40. I love History & English, I hate Math.
  41. I love winter & spring.
  42. I mostly always dress in black.
  43. I rarely watch t.v.
  44. I can’t watch scary movies.
  45. I am horrible at sports, but the only game I play is badminton.
  46. I wanna be a Architect when I grow up cause I am really into designing.
  47. My favourite animals were rabbit cause they were cute, but I don’t like them now cause of their smell.
  48. I love school sometimes, but hate it when there is a lot of workload.
  49. I love blogging,  but don’t really get time for it.
  50. I didn’t expect my blog to even get 2000 hits.

Comments on: "❣50 Facts About Me❣™" (51)

  1. Barbie2982 said:

    I don’t have a blog and i want to help u out. 😀

    • Can you come on xat some day so I can add you?

      • Barbie2982 said:

        Something happened to my xat and now im like banned and have a new name.
        Plz Help!

      • im scared of dogs too idk why but i want to get over that fear but im not afraid of puppies tho depends lol

      • OHMERGAURD I hate swimming teew…. Oops mispelled words, sorry Dx

      • Hi aprsept….Im asian like you and I love chocolates…1d, and DEMI LOVATO,…where r u in asia…well im from the philippines….1d is having a concert here in our country next year….cant believe its still next year but, the VIP tickets are already sold out…omg….1d fever is outbreaking…omg…and how did you knew the word tomboy wich means in our coutry a les bian….u r really an asian…are u from philippines, china, japan, korea or whatevs??? hope to meet u someday…even in fantage 🙂

        • I can’t tell you from where I am. But 1D is also having a concert here, in dubai where I live on 4th June nest year. Aaaahh!! Screaming!!

  2. Princess_ JC said:

    We have the same facts about ourselves, Well almost…

  3. I don’t have a blog… But, We do share alot of things in common. Like taking time to spell things th proper way. I’d Also like to help out with you and your blog! I’m very very VERY creative~ In Fantage my user name is Sierraann5220! :)))

  4. Barbie2982 said:

    Also happy Ramadan Mubarak.

  5. lunaravenue said:

    that’s a LOT of facts…

  6. derp um hi can i copy this page on my blog but give you credits? i know its tm’ed… but yeah

  7. ♒ Princess Jc ♒ said:

    Can I make a page like this?

  8. gracie4301 said:

    Hi Aprspet! I would love to start a blog of my own but, I’m not sure how… I would love it if you could give me some tips on how to start my blog. -Thanks, Grace-

    • First of all plan your blog. What will your blog be about, ex- your life, random things, about fantage…etc. Then name your blog, think of a creative name cause you can’t change it later. Start working from the 1st day, make pages related to your blog. Post everyday and make sure you tag them. Tag’s are really useful. Make a colourful header. Learn the basics and ask me if you need help. And one more tip, never copy from any blog cause people will start posting about your blog copying and your blog will lose its hits. If you need more help email me at-

  9. How did you change the colour of the words?

  10. Are you arabic?

  11. TheShy_Singer said:

    Strange…. We have a lot in common…

  12. omg me too! whenever i watch a scary movie i always get freaked out by even the smallest sounds

  13. Lol! We’re like, twins kinda!
    But I’ve fainted 102983476 times of awesome blogs
    like your 598476 times…
    and *REMOVED DUE TO ADVERTISE* blog like
    92813 times.
    Favourite is more New Zealand etc, England
    and Favorite is Amercian
    same with colour!

  14. omfg we’re so alike!

  15. Wow all the facts are just like me! Except 31 40 and 46 😛

  16. Molas32 (my Fantage name) said:

    Hi OMG!! I love ur blog and 1D just like you. Ur totally awesome and I want to let u know that!!💗❤😘👍 Well I hope I can ever meet u on Fantage sometime. 😊😐😋❤

  17. Hey eid mubarak guys…….

  18. I meant eid is coming ramadan mubarak.

  19. Yeah sure, I have some similar facts too! Like I am Asian and so on…….

  20. mercedes said:

    You know what is very interesting? I love English and history, but I hate math. I never study but I always get good grades,i love every single artist you listed especially one direction, I hate nutella, I love to read and I over think a lot, and I tend to correct people if they spell something wrong. I am an author on wattpad so figures. We have a lot in common! we should meet up one day on fantage when you get the chance! – Mercedes1980

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